MobPartner cheats mobile affiliate publishers

MobPartner cheats mobile affiliate publishers

The reality of mobile affiliate network called MobPartner which cheats mobile web publishers, denies just payment for affiliate link promotion. Complete fraud affiliation system based in France.

It seems that making a fool out of mobile web publishers has become the standard operating procedure of all mobile based income generation networks. Over a period of time DarkWap had been bringing to light all the unprofessional and unethical actions of MobPartner Affiliate network. The most recent one being MobPartner Featuring The fraudulent American Green Card Loterry Scam Promotion. MobPartner non ethical business standards do not stop there, the networks stoops to the level of denying mobile publisher his / her just commission for the promotion of MobPartner affiliates.

MobPartner is based in France, not in US and not in UK either. It operates from a country where English is not exactly favoured. The Internet laws of France not being stringent enough, this establishment blatantly dictates terms of service towards its mobile web publishers. Personally, we would say that MobPartner is the most rude, dishonest and scamster mobile affiliate network of all. We are not saying this because MobPartner denied paying us our due payment, but it is from the testimonial facts and figures that mobile site publishers have put up in various coding forums with regard to MobPartner.

Its an established fact that MobPartner cheats mobile affiliate publishers, how it actually manages to do so, we will explain it to you in the following article. MobPartner is actually run by few entrepreneurs who envisioned mobile web to be the next best place where evolution would rapidly take place in terms of commercialization of mobile web systems. TexoMobile is the pseudo guy who has been the pioneer of this network. While he did set up MobPartner which later received seed funding from many people and organizations it never was supposed to turn into an ugly greedy corporation.

MobPartner provides affiliate offers for its affiliate publishers; it seems that this affiliation system works on the principle of credit - a fact very hard to digest. MobPartner provides links to various geo location and network based offers and services which mobile web publishers are supposed to complete in order to be eligible for a payment of commission. These offers are tough to complete and it takes a considerable amount of monetary investment from the mobile visitors end to complete a transaction / affiliate requirement. The mobile publisher then stands to gain a commission for diverting precious traffic towards the affiliate marketer. It has been found numerous amount of times that MobPartner simply denies to pay the mobile web publisher his due and as a result the publisher gets cheated for his share of traffic.

MobPartner is hardly sympathetic towards the plight of mobile web publisher. It only believes in making money for its affiliates. The only people who stand to gain out of denial of payment towards mobile web publisher are the MobPartner folks. This greedy network is a network that we will most heartily advice our reader from getting affiliated with. The people who manage this network have no regard towards the mobile web publisher, hence its best to avoid them and try other better mobile affiliate networks like SponsorMob.

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True reality of fake fraud mobile affiliate network called MobPartner which cheats mobile web publisher, does not pay due amount for affiliate promotion and linking via mobile web.

Poster: Gary S
I will suggest never to use MobPartner or any of its services. They eat up all the traffic. I used them for few months and then I junked them.
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