Mobile Affiliate Networks

Mobile Affiliate Networks

All about Mobile Affiliate Networks. The players and payment system in the affiliate and lead generation industry. Details about the networks and their potentials.

When mobiles got internet capabilities, a new industry was potentially born for marketing all the needs of mobile users, most commonly the need to get / download multimedia on their phone. Mobile internet usage growth has led to generation of income for millions of people through direct as well as indirect means. The opportunities that mobile presented with its mobility and internet connectivity are still being gauged. More speculations regarding future potential of mobile phones get printed almost everyday. One such industry that got created, and is at the moment ushering due to this phenomenal advancement in mobile technology is Mobile Affiliate Network Industry.

A mobile affiliate network is just another marketing system similar to per-click advertising, with a slight difference that the payout is made only when a lead (click) pays or perpetuates into what the advertiser intended it to do. Compared to CPC advertising, mobile affiliate network payouts are quite thick. Not all clicks get converted into sales; hence the payouts are rare too.

A mobile affiliate network gets contract from advertisers, who pay it or promise to pay it a certain amount for the quantity of users who confirm to the standards sought by the advertiser. The affiliate network has a list of affiliates whom it instructs to carry intelligent marketing acts with or without banners and attract users for a deal / service / product. The affiliates get paid when the user confirms to the standards and conditions of the advertiser. The system works out through a network of alerts which are set at every level of user progress into the deal.

At the moment mobile affiliate network is a not co congested market with Sponsormob (US Based) being at the helm as an industry leader. Sponsormob is closely followed by MobPartner (France Based), then later by KissMyAds and finally by some insipid affiliate market network going by the name OfferMobi.

CPA networks, a common synonym for Mobile Affiliate Networks actuallymeans Cost per Acquisition. The Affiliate networks however not only depend and market upon CPA but also employ CPL i.e. Cost per Lead and CPD i.e. Cost per Download campaigns. The mobile affiliate network is still in its nascent stage and is yet to explode to its full potential.

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Another method to earn money through affiliate based marketing. Details about the networks, deals and methods of income generation.

Poster: Sladex
I tried KissMyAds and they hardly have anything much to offer. Why even include them in the list of mobile affiliate advertisers? They are too small as a company.

Poster: Brian
so you are using mobileoffice dfleuat settings or any other settings?? If You are using any other settings it may charge you and if you are using dfleuat settings then ping me again i will try it myself and will reply
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