Mobile Bluetooth marketing

Mobile Bluetooth marketing

New and advanced marketing strategy of setting up free access Bluetooth network zones to push ads inside cell phones and other mobile devices.

Bluetooth - a technology for connecting mobile parts in a wireless manner at low radio frequency and short range is actually a term borrowed from the name of Tenth century Danish king Harald Bluetooth who unified Dane tribes into one.

Bluetooth technology is nowadays available in most mobile devices such as cellphones, PDA s, Music Players Cameras etc. The pace at which this technology was adopted was great, but more phenomenal is the amount of potential present in this technology.

Consider an ongoing exhibition having approximately 65000 footfalls in a given day, out of the 65000 footfalls approximately 60 percent i.e 39000 visitors will be definitely bringing with them a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. If these visitors are notified to switch on their Bluetooth network and accept the pushed in data then it becomes a type of permanent advertisement. Marketing oriented ads will find a long term placement in the end users mobile phone which in turn would mean a higher conversion rate. The magic of such a marketing is that there are no norms set up as of yet related to use of Bluetooth frequencies in commercial areas.

Brand building will never be this easy. There will be no data transfer costs involved. The only cost to bear will be electricity and the equipment cost. A proximity marketing Bluetooth server with 4x7 simultaneous open connections would cost approximately 1215 USD i.e around 1,00,000 INR which is almost the same cost of a large screen LCD television set which comes at a zero guarantee that a user will definitely notice an ongoing add. Logically an end user will be reading atleast for once an advertisement message sent on his/her mobile device

The ability of proximity Bluetooth marketing is not limited to textual content alone. Rich media can also be sent. Advertisements, contests, campaigns and so much more can be done using the same setup. Mobile Bluetooth marketing is undeniably the next best thing to happen with commercial establishment marketing

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Emerging marketing trend of setting up free Bluetooth zones for advertisement

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