Mobile Brand Marketing

Mobile Brand Marketing

Most effective way to attain a viral social advertising via mobile brand marketing. Making use of effective brand awareness and promotions by cellphones.

Gone are the days when only TV and Print media used to be the most viral methods of having a brand marketing, internet has opened up opportunities for marketing via social media, social networking, web advertising and very recently it has even let mobile users become the potential consumers for a product or service. Mobile Brand Marketing is the IN thing, these days. With a consistent growth in mobile consumer segment, such a thing was anyways expected.

Big Brands have started investing money in brand marketing and promotions via mobile web. Such a promotion is very logical as it tends to be short, simple and very effective. Auto manufacturers have been providing video downloads of their vehicle product advertisements. Some companies are even offering discount coupons or tickets to allow for more product sale. Mobile Brand marketing is taking a flight in a way never expected. Shoe manufacturers like Reebok have been at the forefront for utilizing this new content delivery revolution. The boom in mobile based brand marketing also stems from the highly competitive mobile advertisement market which has even Google administered company in the race.

Visual treats are very easy to generate for a mobile screen. This effectively reduces the cost of advertisement. The advert can be properly targeted owing to the disparity in the price tag of each mobile. For example a jewelery brand can be promoted for high end mobile phones while neglecting low end cell phones thus adding a greater possibility to attain a sale. Mobile brand marketing is a smart way to invest into and get great sales. Profitability and convenience is the highest in this segment.

While it is predicted that the total mobile phone connections will exceed the population count, one can imagine what kind of a social wave of change that would bring. People getting connected in a more faster and flexible ways add to the possibility of having a viral brand marketing and mobile phones are the best bet for such a thing.

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Viral mobile connectivity sets up a base for mobile brand marketing and promotion.

Poster: Omar H
If one checks out the main pages of admob or inmobi, then they would stumble upon study reports about how corporate giants used mobile advertising in an effective manner to generate numerous leads and crack various sales. Nothing can get more personified and customised like a mobile web publicity action. Brand marketing on mobile phones definitely has a great future ahead.
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