Naveen Tewari and InMobi s Complete Untold Story

Naveen Tewari and InMobi s Complete Untold Story

An expose on achievements of Naveen Tewari and his mobile advertising company InMobi. Complete facts which were earlier untold.

If you take a peek at Naveen Tewari s Twitter account or If you read achievements by InMobi, you would probably get a feeling that InMobi is one super giant tech company that is just awesome. See their data sheets regarding profits made in recent quarters then you would get even more impressed. What most of you do not know that these profits, this fortune was built up by eating up valid earning of mobile website publishers! The following article represents the complete untold story of Naveen Tewari and his technology venture i.e. InMobi.

InMobi is a relatively new company that was founded by Naveen Tewari, who happens to exhibit loads of degrees and accolades - that may be his personal achievement but then his one other achievement is about forcibly eating up 100 percent revenues of those people who helped him reach such great heights. If he takes credit for the growth of InMobi then he should also take credit for all the fraudulent acts that his company has done in past - specifically about stealing valid earnings from mobile site publishers.

InMobi started its operations as mKhoj, it probably was not into mobile advertising initially. It was supposed to be a local search provider. It later forayed into the lucrative business of mobile advertising after being impressed with AdMob. Its core business changed from local search to mobile advertising, but the name remained mKhoj for some time.

In its initial days, mKhoj used to scout for mobile website publishers. It would approach mobile website owners and request them to integrate their ad code in order to help them monetize their traffic. The pay per click at that time used to be less in comparison with Admob, however their service and support used to be good. They had an executive by the name of Abdul who was very active in getting mobile web publishers set up mKhoj Ad Units. I suppose he does not work for InMobi now, as he was found sometime back approaching mobile web publishers to integrate ad codes of a different mobile advertising network.

During its mKhoj days, InMobi used to accept all type of mobile web traffic, be it from Adult websites or from sites that host cracked illegal downloads. They seemed to be happy about getting more traffic, infact Abdul used to boast about certain publishers who used to consume millions of ad impressions per day. I remember vividly that once I had personally told him not to brag so much about these mobile site owners who send in so much of traffic coz that traffic came from porn content or illegal file download depositories. So that was the start of InMobi - A network that was monetizing traffic that is not supposed to be monetized (as according to their new terms and conditions).

The very strange part about InMobi is that, it had a website review system and they were blindly activating any mobile site irrespective of its content. While it is true that they snapped off their ties with most illegal and porn based sites very recently, they should not bask in and claim purity, coz their humble beginnings come from something that is hardly acceptable by the standards of what they demand these days. So when you have Naveen Tewari standing in front of you and giving lectures about good business practices, ask him as to why he allowed monetization of illegal and porn content? Most probably he will blame it on Abdul or his marketing executives for the mess up. If he does that then ask him if he / his company ever issued refunds to the people whom they charged for advertising? If he is actually a honest businessman then he would probably answer that he did not. Basically this does make him a scammer as he scammed his advertisers, stripped them off their monies and then even took back the money his company paid to the publisher.

Having secured a decent amount of mobile web traffic, InMobi utilized its network to publish ads which would cost ad-clickers to loose money in the range of Rs. 1 to Rs. 99 per click (the costs varied for different ad campaigns and also dependent upon service network). InMobi however payed on 50 paise (one cent of a US dollar) per click to its publisher even when it was making away with a profit margin which was vulgar in terms of amount. The pay per click was always 0.01 or less i.e. 0.005 USD. It did not deter its publishers as they were getting something instead of nothing. I too had witnessed such Ads on my site, I had received complains about the same from my loyal user-base and eventually I removed those Ads, but InMobi made away with fortune that was just not publisher friendly.

I myself have never hosted porn content, not have I provided a public listing of porn content, yet I was blocked by InMobi and my earnings were confiscated by them. Today InMobi s founder is felicitated and invited by various Technology Institutes, he is requested to present lectures to students about his organization and how they should strive to be successful. My question to the deans and heads of such institutions is - What exactly do you want Naveen Tewari to teach to your students? How they should scam valid publishers? How to steal money from other people?

This is the story of InMobi and Naveen Tewari. I as a victim do not want it to remain untold. The shameless bunches of marketing executives of InMobi feel no regret when they delete postings on their FaceBook wall that exposes their scams. I do not know Naveen Tewari as a person and neither do I want to know him. For me he is just a con. He scammed me and thousands of others. I have no respect for him, for his organization and for the executives that he has employed.

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The true relaity behind success of InMobi. Complete details about how publishers were scammed by InMobi and Naveen Tewari.

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