Free web hosting from Hostable

Free web hosting from Hostable

A free web hosting service from Hostable. Cheap server host plans offer with unlimited data transfer, web space and domains to host. Best free website hosting.

Free Hosting
There has been a lot of buzz about free web hosting plans on the internet, and there has already been so much debate upon the pros and cons of free web hosting. Yet still there are free web hosting offers out there on the internet. Not exactly from big hosts like GoDaddy, DreamHost, Bluehost or Rackspace but from new and promising web hosting business entrants like Hostable and such. While it is a viral marketing offer, it does not limit the new clients to test, approve and certify the free web hosting by Hostable.

Free Web Hosting
The free web hosting for 3 years comes with an Unlimited Web Domain Hosting benefits, that means along with free hosting, one does not need to worry about the data consumption from the server. The bandwidth transfers are set at unlimited limits thus allowing you to host loads of data files including media and other such content. Since all that a company wants to do is make a name of its own in this web hosting biz, you will be comfortably treated and taken are of.

While one may say that free web hosting has its limitations and restrictions, the same does not hold true for Hostable. They provide Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Website Traffic, Host Unlimited Domains, Unlimited MySQL Databases plus various Add-ons that you can only find with professional web hosts. Hosting a website had never been this easy and so cheap. Free web hosting means hosting without a dime. There are hardly any cheap web hosting offers out there, free hosting is a very rare service and even rare it is to find reliable cheapest web host.

Web Hosting
Hostable Web Hosting comes with a guarantee of eco hosting i.e. the web server used for hosting is powered by wind mills. Hostable provides 24/7 hosting with real customer care. They guarantee budget web hosting with worthy support. There is a 100 percent uptime guarantee thus taking care of all site connectivity problems, keeping your site connections alive and letting you create a trustworthy brand of services. They have an anytime money back guarantee scheme, this lets you demand a refund if ever you feel that their services are lack-lustre or not unto the mark.

Free Server
There is a humane side to the Hostable Business Venture. Apart from giving a world class free web hosting service, they also provide free clothing, food and even finance shelters for those who are economically backward or needy. A free web hosting service cannot get any better than this. Hostable is a top web host providing top web hosting and even taking up corporate social responsibility. If one doe not trust them much, it will not hurt to get a free web hosting from them and test them for what they promise. If you are willing to take up their timely free web hosting offer then we wish you a happy hosted time ahead.

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Plans to host website for free or cheap with Hostable.

Poster: Tina B
I am not comfertable with any free hosting plan. I once got cheated when I was on a free hosting server. The host demanded loads of money to keep up with hosting and when I denied paying, he deleted all my files. Hostable however seems like a good host. I will need to think before taking up this offer. I am planning to register new websites, they will require a good host. Hostable might just become my choice for host.

Poster: Brea
Are these people trustworthy? This is byfar the cheapest and best web hosting plan that I have come across. I will research more about them before getting hosted on their server
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