GoDaddy mobile site hosting

GoDaddy mobile site hosting

GoDaddy mobile site hosting package, cost, review

GoDaddy Hosting
One of the oldest and largest Internet domain registrar, GoDaddy also provides decent hosting solutions and other web related services each having a dedicated satisfactory support staff. Being the leading private entity registering a huge amount of top level domains (TLD), GoDaddy is considers a market leader of sorts. Even while they provide hosting at reasonable costs they usually do not advertise it much.

Mobile Site Hosting
GoDaddy provides extensive hosting services with Coldfusion,, Frontpage server extention for windows plans while it provides Python, Coldfusion, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl, Java, Frontpage extension language support for its Linux based hosting plans. There have been mixed review s of GoDaddy hosting plans on the internet but since mobile sites usually consume least of resource any decent hosting plan will be good enough. What attracts the most wit GoDaddy is the very low associated hosting cost. Approx $5 per month on economy plan with no long term commitment needed its a killer deal. Mobile websites do not always cross $5 in monthly revenues hence this type of hosting plan is very feasible for hosting of mobile site which is also called wapsite.

Grid Hosting
One of the most attractive hosting plan offered by GoDaddy is Grid Hosting. Even while the technology of grid hosting is still in its infancy stage and is quite costly when purchased from other hosting service providers. Grid hosting works well with mobile site and is best suited for mobile sites offering lots of download / upload content. Given the cost and uncertainties of this hosting technology, its very difficult to review this hosting plan as it has garnered the most confusing review across the web world.

Mobilizer - Internet made Mobile
GoDaddy is also one among the official provider of the mobilizer service developed by dot mobi. One just needs to buy a .mobi domain and request for mobilizer service for their .com .org or any other desktop based website and magically find it optimized for better mobile browsing experience.

In short, GoDaddy provides decent rated mobile hosting services. As they are market leaders in selling domains many people opt for their hosting services as there is not too much of web negative publicity. Recommended no frill hosting package service provider. They even have a mobile site for buying domains or hosting or managing them via mobile phone interface its

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GoDaddy mobile site hosting package, cost, review

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