Host site on Indian Server

Host site on Indian Server

Host your sites on one of the best hosting providers in the world now in India. Indian datacenter used to host site on Internet. Benefit for Indian website owners.

Are you a webmaster operating from India? Are you tired of making calls to United States for support and inquiry related to hosting? Are you limited with options to pay the hosting server? Hostgator Indian branch is now live and available to troubleshoot all your problems and help you easily set up websites. Your server will be hosted on Indian soil i.e. Here in India itself. The datacenters will be in India rather than offshore i.e. United States, Germany, Netherland, Singapore, United Kingdom or Australia. Also the rates for Indian server are considerably low.

Hostgator India is actually Indian branch of HostGator USA which is in direct competition with DreamHost. The organization in question has been in the hosting business for more than two decades and testimonials of their great service can be found all over the web. This hosting service provider prides itself in delivering the best of the clss, uninterrupted hosting benefits with unmatched support and benefits.

Hostgator India has a range of many hosting packages to choose from. They have the regular shared hosting package which provides excellent service for individuals who are passionate about creating professional sites, and also they have a range of products such as VPS i.e. Virtual private server, Dedicated server etc to cater to the demands of websites which need more resources to function exceptionally well. The support staff prides itself in the very fact that it has gained accolades from not only support benchmarking institutions but even from the usual regular webmaster. When it comes to trouble shooting errors or getting rid of problems on host site, you can always lay your faith in them. The support staff is unlike any other single message replying hosting support, they go that extra mile to suggest user some improvements in their scripts. In simple words, the support staff of HostGator rocks! Their Indian counter part is nothing less as they level themselves upto the same service and consistent performance delivery.

Keeping personal experience in mind, Hostgator India sales executives are considerably more kind and well mannered than any other India based Server provider. If a benchmarking of support was made of all Indian hosting companies, Hostgator India would certainly fall in the top slot. The only good enough option available for Indian datacenter till date was BigRock hosting which considerably ruined the market with bad service and performance issues. HostGator being set up here in India is a good news for all the concerned Indian webmasters.

Being an Indian organization, they are able to accept and process payments via various forms which include any credit/debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, payment via Net banking, Direct bank transfer, or even PayPal. If you were a webmaster who was affected by the recent restrictions on Indian PayPal subscribers to pay HostGator then you can use the services of their Indian counter-part. These people are equally good and would be a better choice if you, yourself are an Indian. Finally you can host your site on an Indian server.

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Host your website on an Indian Server with an Indian datacenter. Easy payment options for India based site owners and webmasters.

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