India Web Hosting

India Web Hosting

Host your site in India. Review of Indian web hosting companies based upon their service, support and performance metrics. Affordable prices and quality of server hosts.

If you are a webmaster who is looking out to get hosted on an Indian Web Server then you are currently at the right place. Here in this article we will be discussing how the current offering of web hosts in India fares according to customer feedback, performance measurement and web hosting company legacy.

One big name which is currently very actively being advertised in India is BigRock Web Hosting. The institution it seems believes in ambush marketing of its products which is aking to something which GoDaddy currently does in US. The difference being that GoDaddy has been able to manage its funds and performance levels while BigRock has not. You will find the internet flooded with loads of complaints against BigRock for its alleged insipid support, below par performance and conveniently disliked service. The data-centers used by BigRock seem to be very poorly managed as they tend to crash under normal loads too. While the sever costs at BigRock are essentially cheap (they beat the competition in this regard) but the service and product delivery from them is questionable. BigRock is not a fraudulent company but they need to mature in terms of server technology as they just are unable to meet the required level of competence.

Another India Datacenter based web hosting company is HostGator. HostGator is is world renowned brand for web hosting services and very recently they have set up their operations in India. This move has benefited a lot of Indian webmasters as the payment channels to HostGator US were closed down due to the effective PayPal restrictions on Web transactions of Indians. HostGator India accepts payment through Indian Debit Cards / Credit cards from various nationalized banks like State Bank of India, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, HSBC Bank etc. Net Banking can also be used for payment of server dues. PayPal payment is also accepted. This system becomes a very convenient one especially when the webmaster is notIndian but the maximum traffic comes from India.

Being hosted with HostGator India is like having a cloud CDN server for Indian traffic. Your site would load faster for India based consumers as its datacenter is located in India itself. Being cheaper then many US Based hosts you would be able to save money upon hosting. Its not necessary for you to know fluent English to interact with sales or service executive. Support would be easy as the executive at other end would be of Indian origin. This in a way is a golden period for Indian webmasters to switch over from rigid support hosts of US to Hostgator India.

India Web Hosting currently features only two serious players which have India datacenters. Other self proclaimed Indian web Hosts are merely resellers who resale you their servers which are hosted in the USA, these touts are hardly in control of your web hosting account and provide the worst support for you. Its better to get hosting directly from Being hosted with HostGator India with no reseller involved in between. The service quality is simply superb, experience it yourself to believe these words.

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