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Mobile Security
Protect yourself from data theft or Trojan intrusion in your cell pone with mobile security. Future improved technology to provide personal data protection.
Supposedly Simple Mobile
The timeline of simple mobile headset services to present day cellular telephony revolution. The advancement of wireless telephone technology.
Effect of Mobile on Poverty
Discussion on the effect of mobile phone and mobility technology which can result in social uplift, boost for education and reduction in world poverty. General talk on various case studies commissioned on mobile revolution.
Future of Mobile web with HTML5
HTML5 properties, future application, usability, innovation, technology applicability and more discussed as future prospect for mobile web
Free Push email client
Free mobile phone push email client like Blackberry to send or deliver and receive emails on a cellular device with zero or no cost system.
Simple PHP redirection script with device detection
Redirect mobiles and pc browsers to different locations after device detection. Useful for hybrid sites having special mobile version.
DreamHost simplified and recommended mobile site hosting
Easy, recommended, value for money website, wapsite, mobile site hosting by DreamHost

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