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Free apps usage causes mobile battery drain and slower performance
Free applications causing phone to run slow and result in a significant amount of battery drainage. Performance of a mobile downgrades owning to multiple processes initiated by free apps.
Best Mobile Chat Site
Free and best mobile chat portal accessible via phones. A place to have fun with different people around the world. Feature rich friendly chat experience that will rock your mobiles.
Mobile content download
The onslaught of piracy on mobile content data downloads. A breach in trust and ethics from the users end who viralizes content which has hard work behind its making. Illegal downloads of games and applications causing harm to the content industry.
Mobile Astrology
A free mobile astrology portal which give predictions as well as makes synastry based analysis for better relationship. Zodiac starsign foretelling along with Chinese astrology based prophecy.
Free Mobile Browser
The best and free mobile based browser with download manager and other such most wanted features. Fast, secure and intelligent phone browser which even saves bandwidth cost.
Vodafone free SMS
Free Vodafone SMS services, a gateway to send messages on the Vodafone mobile network. A service for private smses sending.
India Online Telephone Directory
MTNL and BSNL listing of telephone numbers and address to be searched from free India online telephone directory. Delhi and Mumbai landline number search available.
Watching a Hindi movie online
Hindi films available for streaming, for free on PC and even mobile phone. Free service to watch Hindi movies online.
Watch free Fashion TV on Mobile phone as television channel
Get to watch FTV on your mobile phone for free. Check out fashion trends and styles on a free mobile TV. View premium fashion content on your cellphone via internet.
Watch HiTV on your mobile phone as live television channel
HiTV available as mobile phone tv stream for african users with programs based on african entertainment. Watch live soccer matches, latest news and movies on your smartphone.

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