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Mobile Health
A convenient health care services offered courtesy to the telecommunication technologies. Mobile health service to be a convenient healthcare service with remote facility to monitor and report.
Mobile Banking Service
A revolution called mobile banking to deploy internet mobile banking services and solutions for people with prevalent and relevant features and solutions. Adding key functionality for mobile clients.
Supposedly Simple Mobile
The timeline of simple mobile headset services to present day cellular telephony revolution. The advancement of wireless telephone technology.
Buzzcity Review
A no holds barred review of BuzzCity mobile advertisement network. An article about their history, present services and phone internet publisher related policies.
About hosting server
Summary of good hosting server service from ix web hosting and ipower web hosting. Technology aspect review of web hosting services.
All rumored info regarding iPhone 5 features and more details
News, Rumors and more info regarding iPhone 5 features, services, security, the availability release date and other details about Apples update on the revolutionary phone and its iOS.
Internet and bandwidth aligned services to get cheaper in Africa
Bandwidth revolution on its way in Africa. Internet and bandwidth aligned services to get cheaper in Africa with bigger network infrastructure to support.
Buzzcity leading south East Asia based global advertising network
Relevant information regarding Buzzcity - a leading south East-Asia based global advertising network

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