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Smartphone statistics and global mobile trends
Data pertaining to global mobile buying trends and smartphone usage statistics. Research and analysis of mobile phone market by Gartner and Neilsen analytics firms.
Brighthand mobile site is an information portal for smartphone reviews and technology articles
Mobile information site by Brighthand giving smartphone reviews and technology articles for cell phones manufactured by Samsung, BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, LG and Nokia
Mobile Future
A sneak into what the mobile future promises for us. Few projections based upon the development of mobile phone technology. Better communications and services from mobile networks in future.
Cashless NFC mobile payment maybe the future
Smartphones to turn cash wallets in future with cashless NFC mobile payment technology and banking solutions. Commercial services to go mobile for customer convenience.
About Samsung mobile phones
About the Samsung Mobile market performance, affordability and technology including operating Android based Samsung smartphone.
About Windows Mobile Phones
An analysis of Windows based mobile phone. The future of technology and expectations from Microsoft and Nokia corporation. Effective development of window OS for future phones.
Dual core processor based mobile phones
Read all about the new dual core and even multi core processor technology being provided in new SmartPhones. A powerful processing hardware upgrade making way for a future one in mobile phones
Apple iPhone 5 feature and upgrade expectations
Rumoured upgrade, capabilities and features included in Apple iPhone 5. Feature Upgrades which will makes the smartphone - the best in its class.
Android to be the dominant and the best mobile operating system in 2011
Android Mobile Operating System is set to capture maximum mobile smartphone market in 2011. The Powerful Android Smart Phone Platform is bound to become a dominant leader OS for maximum mobiles available for sale.
Difference between a real SmartPhone and a fake SmartPhone
Sorting out a fake SmartPhone from among the real SmartPhone available in the markets. Differences between the genuine mobile phone and the counterfeit one.

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