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Everyday technological advancement articles, related and unrelated to mobile web. Compilation of useful, informative and trivial stuff related to many things. Updates and developments of technology happen at a rapid pace, this is just another resource mine to check upon and not to miss out on what is going on.

Online dating pitfalls
A guide that will enlist all drawbacks of online dating
Free apps usage causes mobile battery drain and slower performance
Battery drains fast when free apps are executed on the phone. Slower performances are also recorded during free app usage.
Mobile apps world series developer platform event
An opportunity platform for mobile applications developers, showcasers and marketers to come together and shape the future world of apps
Mobile World Events
An introduction to various events related to mobile and mobility that occur around the world.
Investigating hidden Secrets of free UC Web Mobile Browser
An investigative look within the chinese supplier of UC Web mobile browser, unraveling hidden secrets and more regarding its privacy issues.
Future Mobile Online Shopping
A look into the prospects held by mobile phones in future for the regular shopper.
Gameloft Mobile Games Monopoly
Monopolistic market policy adoption by Gameloft causing high inconvenience to genuine mobile game buyers and Gameloft gaming patrons.
Smartphone statistics and global mobile trends
Smartphone statistics pointing towards increase in the usage of smart telephony systems. Market share positions of mobile operating systems.
Microsoft may buy Nokia Mobile
Need for a merger between Nokia and Microsoft to boost the competition in the mobile market segment thus allowing for manufacture of cheaper and better mobile phones. Consumers wil
Mobile Blogging World Trends
Connect via mobile phone and blog about anything is the newest trend in blogging world. celebrities are endorsing micro blogging via facebook, twitter and other such mobile bloggin

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