About Mobile Ecommerce

About Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Payments, Mobile recharges - The trending technologies for future with Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Revolution
With a little more than 4.6 billion mobile subscriptions at the end of 2009, Mobile penetration just continues to increase. Since the entire world population is around 6 billion, it means that nearly two out of three people globally have a mobile handset. With the ownership of mobiles comes a huge factor known as mobility. The better mobility a system has the more fluent flow of information will be facilitated. The internet has been a great telecommunication revolution of the last few decades, but the impact of mobile technologies is undoubtedly much more widespread.

Virtual Network
Mobile phones a smaller devices and boast of network connectivity in most remote places. The virtual mobile network allows a mobile phone users to not just make voice calls but achieve many other goals such as SMS, Emails, Internet, pod casting, portable media playing, entertainment etc. However there has been very little applicability of mobiles as a medium to carry out Electronic Commerce ( Ecommerce ). Mobile devices are too sophisticated and too widely held not to become the payment tools of the future. However developments have been slow and the focus must move on from short-term Return of Investment ( ROI ), as investing in mobile is really about shaping the payment device of the future.

Mobile Commerce Advantage
Mobile commerce is advantageous for various reasons like :

1) Mobiles will be replacing plastic credit / debit cards.
2) Added security, better management, better technology, more productivity will all be the by products of mobile ecommerce.
3) Mcommerce will replace the need to even carry wallets. Monetary security will be used well to have data security, social security and identity security.
4) Payments, Recharges, Transfers and all the money transactions will take place via a mobile device and can get cross-check instantly.
5) Financial freedom and management of personal budget at micro level will be easy.
Universal usage will remove the necessity of maintaining change.

Even while the benefits of Mobile Ecommerce are huge, there is a need to generate systems which will be full-proof to facilitate the same. Finance and technology are usually a great combination and time has proved it. Mobile commerce or mcommerce is an inevitable technology nonetheless.

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Mobile Payments, Mobile recharges - The trending technologies for future with Mobile Ecommerce

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