About White iPhone 4 price and availability date

About White iPhone 4 price and availability date

Finally the availability date of White Apple iPhone 4. Price and available networks to choose from for the white color variant of iPhone. Details about the launch and delay of white iPhone.

White iPhone 4
When a co-founder of Apple flashed his white iPhone, the world went crazy about its looks. For sure, the white iPhone 4 definitely steals away looks for its elegant design, but When would it be available? What will be its price? These are some things that everybody would want to know about. The list of curious folks includes iPhone lovers as well as iPhone haters. The white iPhone 4 sure has garnered all the attention in the world with its price and availability date issue. Since the problems related to white iPhone have already been taken care of, a date for availability is coming near and the following article will detail you everything about it.

The craze for a white iPhone has been so much that some folks have made a fortune out of selling white iPhone covers conversion kits. The seller being just a 17 year old ended up making approx 130,000 USD by catering to iPhone crazy crowds. While the lad may stand a trial for trafficking stolen goods, he sure made a news of his own. He proved a point that technology is not always engineering and logic can be used to avoid too much of costly engineering. While the white iPhone 4 is plagued with many problems, its strange to note that simple white cover kits can be such a stellar product.

White iPhone Price
Other than selling white iPhone cover kits on streets, there are other people online who are selling kits to make a black iPhone 4 white. They are advertised for people who have “steady hands, money and no fear”. The “money” part is $229 dollars, but includes the new retina display, front panel, back cover, home button, support frame and the digitizer. It is advertised for those who are “desperate” for a white iPhone 4.

For those who are not so desperate, the patience will pay off soon. Apple is said to have cracked the mystery of how to make a black iPhone white and not affect the photo-taking abilities. The white version of the iPhone 4 has been delayed twice, with light leaks being the prime suspicion. Since the front and back of the iPhone 4 are made of glass, it is fairly easy to prevent light from leaking into the camera lens from the flash mechanism. With white it is not so easy. Not to worry, Spring is coming, and so will the white iPhone 4.

A point is being made about the lateness of this “Spring fix” for the white iPhone. If it takes too much longer, the next model will already be here. Consider this: If the white version gets here in May, a late Spring month, there are just two or three more months until the iPhone 5 arrives. Will people wait that long just to get a different color number four when number five is just around the corner ? Time will tell.

It seems that the desire will be there. Apple is not going to make these white versions for nothing. Besides, how many times does Apple make something that does not sell ? Not many. Look for it to have no problems with the antenna. Some people report that you can already get one in China. The price there is up to $1200 dollars. Some report that the white iPhone 4 will be sold in Walmart first. In Canada, expect Rogers to have the first dibs at this smartphone. It will be fitting to see the “Great White North” get the “Great White iPhone”. Save your money, it is almost here.

Another source which is more believable notes that White iPhone 4 will be made available on AT&T networks. This piece of info is derived from a photo of a shelf tag taken by a loader. The shelf tag is clear as day in the wording. The writing reveals the name of the phone, carrier and the price. In this case, it is reserved for the white iPhone 4, AT&T, and that it will be sold for a non-subsidy price of $599.99. This puts the white iPhone 4 at the same price as the black one.

White iPhone Availability
The availability date for White iPhone 4 is scheduled for March End or April start of 2011. This white variant of the iPhone family is sure to be a quick seller, with the new revised price tag and the craze for white color variant. This time around the color will be a major factor influencing the sales.

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Price, availability date and available networks to choose from for the white color variant of iPhone.

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