All rumored info regarding iPhone 5 features and more details

All rumored info regarding iPhone 5 features and more details

News, Rumors and more info regarding iPhone 5 features, services, security, the availability release date and other details about Apples update on the revolutionary phone and its iOS.

The next version of the iPhone has been planned to show the world the power of the processor. New chips are going to be installed in the iPhone 5 that will enable it do new things. Read on to find out what they are here in this informative article.

Apple, like Toshiba, is known as a company that likes to innovate. The iPhone 5 is going to be here in a short six or so months and will reveal this mindset again. The new technology is already in use on the Samsung Nexus S and the Nokia C7. This new technical breakthrough is called NFC, which stands for “Near Field Communications”. This is put into place by installing a new chip in the iPhone 5 and those other smartphones. The new chip sends out a radio signal for a very limited distance, about twenty centimeters, or eight inches. This is designed to bring the smartphone within range of other devices that are also equipped with an NFC chip. This is very similar to the already burgeoning RFID chip, which is used in supermarkets across the United States and other countries.

What will the iPhone 5 be able to do with this new ability ? For one, it will be a way for it to download information from a Mac computer. For now, Macs do not have NFC chips. Rest assured they will be here soon, since the iPhone 5 will be taking the lead. An iPhone 5 will be able to access things like contacts, music, the desktop background image, settings and more. The best thing about this is that the iPhone 5 owner can carry his home computer settings and data with him very easily. To see how easy it is going to be, imagine having a smartphone that all you have to do is get it within twenty centimeters of a computer and they automatically start talking. When all is done, the connection is disabled just by taking the smartphone out of range. There are no switches to flip, no menus to access, all of it can be done automatically.

But it does not end there. The iPhone 5 will be able to do a lot more. You may have already heard how an NFC equipped smartphone can take over where credit cards work. You may not need to carry around your credit card with you, thanks to an iPhone 5. Other things would be those cards at hotels. At the moment, a hotel has to format a magnetic stripe on a plastic card to allow entry to rooms at the hotel. Now the iPhone 5 can be programmed with the data and the plastic card is not needed. Paying for goods or services will be another feature of an iPhone 5. This includes bus fares, which is already being undertaken in Japan in a big way. Vending machines will most definitely be included with the above list. No more carrying around spare change.

Security will become paramount with the ability to access money using an iPhone 5. The smartphone already has the ability to recognize fingerprints, so the problem may not be a complicated one. For now, Nokia and Apple are shooting for this same NFC goal. It looks like it will be an interesting competition. Some ongoing rumors that it release date of iPhone 5 will be in June 2011 in the US and may be available within a month in various other countries, possible in jail break version.

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