Alternative best tablet pcs other than Apple iPad in the market

Alternative best tablet pcs other than Apple iPad in the market

Discussion on the best alternative tablet pcs in the market with regard to Apple iPad. Overview specifications and features have been listed for making a purchasing choice.

The Apple iPad is really a great device, but over the time it has been on sale, the hardware specs have gotten pretty outdated, and a lot of competitors are ready to take on it and offer the customers something better, faster and at a lower price.

Below you’ll find a list of the best alternatives to the iPad that you can currently find on the market or will be able to in the near future. If you like the tablet form factor, but do not want to be bound by artificial software limitations and lack of features (like the must have web cam, which is absent on the iPad), you could benefit a lot from choosing one of these alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most awaited Android devices and the best tablet running this OS. Android is a direct competitor to the iPhone and iOS, and they can both accomplish any tasks with the same efficiency. There may be a smaller number of apps on the Android marketplace, but even 50,000 is enough to let you find anything you need. The Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch tablet with a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, 32 GB of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM, 2 cameras (3 and 1.3 MPixels) – enough power to take on the iPad on equal terms.

Blackberry Playbook
The Blackberry Playbook is currently the most powerful tablet you can get, and it has a lot of great unique features, too. It runs on a customized Unix OS, looks beautiful, supports Flash 10 inside the browser, and can do pretty much anything you want it to, with the only thing lacking being more apps for it. The hardware specs are certainly impressive: the tablet has a dual core CPU, 1 GB of RAM, a 5 megapixels camera on the back with 720p video support and a 3 megapixels one on the front for video calling, and much more.

Dell Streak 7
The Dell Streak 7 and 10 inch models will be great alternatives to the iPad when they come out at the beginning of 2011. They will have enough power to also rival the Galaxy Tab, which is running the same operating system as these 2 devices do, the Android OS. If you’ve seen the 5 inch Streak, you already know how these 2 models will look and work.

Motorola Xoom
The much-awaited Motorola Xoom has officially been confirmed by a demonstration of the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS for tablets at CES 2011. The Google spokesperson said that the tablet will be released soon, which usually means 1-2 months, and that is great news. The tablet runs on the NVidia Tegra 2 platform, and has a dual core CPU and the best video graphics adapter to date, courtesy of NVidia extensive know-how in the field.

HeroTab MID816
This is a relatively unknown device, because it is made by a Chinese company and only sold online and in China, but it’s worth the attention, because for only $230 (at and other stores), you get an impressive package. The MID816 has a Samsung Hummingbird processor running at 1.2 GHz (i.e. factory overclocked) with the PowerVR SGX540 graphics adapter, the most powerful video adapter on the market, 512 MB RAM, 2 GB onboard memory and an micro SDHC card slot and a very high quality housing, made of a rubbery plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch. The only drawback is the resistive screen (which is of the latest generation and very responsive, but lacks multi touch support) and the relative lack of support from the manufacturer, but for the price, a lot of people can forgive that.

The iPad has truly revolutionized the way people think and work with computers and it has basically created a whole new market worth billions of dollars, but of course, it’s a free market so the competition jumped in right away. This might be a bad thing for Apple’s profits, but it can only be a great thing for the end users, who will get more choices and better equipment than ever.

Right now, the above tablets are better than the iPad in many ways, and will continue to be so at least until Apple releases a new killer product for the niche. For now, if you don’t like the price or features of the iPad, you can simply go for another product, and you can start by checking out the tablets listed above! The list of Tablet pcs is just a compilation of gadgets we think which would be best suited for your needs. Do check up with their individual specifications and features before making the buy decision.

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