Apple iPhone 5 feature and upgrade expectations

Apple iPhone 5 feature and upgrade expectations

Rumoured upgrade, capabilities and features included in Apple iPhone 5. Feature Upgrades which will makes the smartphone - the best in its class.

In a world filled with smartphones left and right, Apple needs to step up the game and make their next iPhone the best in the mobile market. As we advance into 2011, more and more rumors regarding the iPhone 5 are popping up at every nook and cranny down the street. Will the newest model be hassle-free? Yes, I’m referring to the well known antenna problems. Get the quick scoop about the iPhone 5 rumored features and improvements in this quick article, and remember to take the rumors with a pinch of salt!

Amongst the speculation regarding the iPhone 5, an interesting rumor states that a new iPhone model is developed by Apple separately and the fifth generation of iPhones will be a different form factor. It’s a juicy rumor that if true, would change the opposition’s view on the current smartphone market. Some say that the new smartphone will be extremely flat just like a coin. Imagine it akin to the French crêpe or the Indian Roti Prata! Maybe this rumor is better to turn stale in the end.

The specifications of the iPhone 5 are also inviting prime speculations. The rumored improvements include a faster processor (1.2GHz maybe), more memory and a larger screen. A 3.7 or even 4 inches screen seems to be in the works. A new antenna with zero problems would be great as well – Santa Apple, can you hear us? Speaking of antennas, the iPhone 5 may include LTE support in the US. The LTE is a very fast mobile broadband that will be released by AT&T in 2011.

Sifting through the whole bunch of speculations, I heard that iPhone 5 might include the NFC or Near Field Communication, thus attaining a new status as a digital wallet. If it’s true, the iPhone 5 will be also a payment device acting like a credit card. Imagine checking in at hotels or paying for goods and services using the iPhone 5! Another important aspect of this technology is that it can easily connect to a Mac computer. Mac’s don’t have this technology yet but Apple will surely dive into the fire to implement it. If all goes well, you can instantly download information from it and access your personal contacts, music or global settings. It’s an automated process and the coolest thing is the Mac and the Iphone would just need to be sitting near each other.

Another rumor surrounding the iPhone 5 is the built in GPS navigation system. Of course, Apple has two options. The company can make a new GPS software from the ground up which isn’t one of their strengths or they can go for the more convenient shortcut by buying another company’s GPS software. The talk of the town is that it will turn up as a feature with a lot of functionality for iPhone users everywhere. Will Apple deliver the goods?

Regarding the release date, a fair bet would be summer 2011 as Apple has a well-preserved tradition releasing their models around the June/July time period. Apple will want their new gadget to be a big hit as always and it will surely be a fierce competition as smartphone companies battle for supremacy in 2011. Prices for the new iPhone 5 are expected to remain the same as its predecessors.

The Mobile Market share which Apple has conquered over these few years is enviable for all Mobile Based Companies like Nokia and Samsung. What it adds to its star seller device i.e. iPhone has put the Mobile Geeks in to quite a curiosity syndrome. People will be expecting a great product from Apple, hence we all want to know what features get added to the iPhone 5. The upgrade will definitely be a big one, and the innovation characteristic of every feature, its productivity along with ease of use will be the main selling point for Apple iPhone 5.

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Rumoured upgrade, capabilities and features included in Apple iPhone 5

Poster: George
There was not much of a change in iPhone 4 other than making the use of a micro sim as a compulsion. My expectations from iPhone 5 are quite high. I hope it delivers upto its hype.
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