Blackberry Ban in India

Blackberry Ban in India

Blackberry service tends to get banned in India. Access related logjam threatens to implement a ban on secure private push email solution.

Indian government may ban Blackberry from idea as the Blackberry executives have denied Indian Government request to access private data from the e-mail servers of Blackberry for security purposes. The Vice president of RIM’s university and government relations, Mr Robert Crow said at a press conference held in New Delhi “It’s not possible to do so, because the keys of that service are with the corporate enterprises and corporate entity that owns the server,” India is mainly worried that this service may be abused by terrorists as a way to send encrypted and confidential e-mail messages to plot attacks.

Most of RIM‘s user are high level executives and CEO in top companies. So if it were to share their private data then it may lose most of its customer. Also RIM say it is technically impossible to share data with any South Asian country.

Previously, Indian Government has given RIM many warnings and also threat to close its operations in India if it failed to provide the government an access to its servers. But with this denial it seems that Blackberry may be closed for good in India. The Government has yet to announce its next step regarding the matter of Blackberry’s denial.

India is the world’s emerging tech superpower. The closing of blackberry service would be harmful to both RIM and India as it would demoralize other western companies to invest in Indian IT sector. Research in Motion example may discourage companies from investing in privacy related services. RIM is currently negotiating with the Indian government. BlackBerry service may however be provided by individual network providers which can then be later monitored by the Indian Government. A complete ban for secure private email system will never be the perfect solution for this crisis.

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Blackberry email service may get banned in India

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