Crazy Dish TV Service

Crazy Dish TV Service

Information regarding crazy service provided by Zee Dish Tv DTH. A handful account of customer care gone overboard. The detailed consequence of providing contact data with regard to any dish offers, deals or promotions.

Exclusive dish TV packages, dish offers and dish deals - You must have come across such advertisements very often. Dish TV systems have been been a major business successes. Its not just the untapped potential of satellite channel subscribers but also the hold upon the consumer with regard to advertisements which these satellite television providers can stream into your TV. Also satellite television providers can remotely survey your television program preferences - a necessity study for television channels and their advertisers to fathom the success of programs or a certain ad campaign. On one hand its a relief to have such a great service, on the other hand its a curse to be a potential customer in this customer and sales hungry industry. The following article would throw light upon one weird and crazy experience that a a certain curious customer had with regard to dish TV subscription inquiry.

Being in India, means that every time you get a call from a call center sales executive, it would be a person calling you somewhere from your neighborhood or at-least from India itself. You would never expect a call from a nocturnal sales executive, but sadly the opposite is a crazy reality. While such a system is supposed to be a convenient one, especially with regards to service and troubleshooting, sometimes few institutions go overboard the expected service levels. Zee Dish TV DTH is a major player in the market of DTH Dish TV service providers. The company is known to advertise various dish tv specials, dish offers, dish deals, satellite tv promotions and more. Being in a competition with DTH service leaders like Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Reliance Digital TV, Airtel Digital TV and Videocon D2H - Zee Dish TV is commercially bound to provide better services to its existing subscribers and then make more sales with future service subscribers. As a matter of fact Zee Dish DTH has already bagged the nuero uno position in this niche market of Dish TV providers. Now what it does to appease its current user base and lure in more customers is what you will find in the later para.

If you find a certain dish net offer on the internet or some promotion going on for dishnetwork, make sure to check out the offers but be hesitant to give out your contact details especially not during the night. The best time to give them your contact details is sometime in the morning wherein you can be contacted anytime throughout the day. The reason for such a tip is because: A certain relative of mine browsed through the dish packages and provided his contact details at 2.30 am (late at nigh), a sales representative ended up calling him at 6.30 am in the morning. Its quite illogical for a company to make calls to a potential customer at that wee hour of morning. When I said that the company went overboard regarding its sales cracking expedition, this is exactly what I meant. No sane individual would entertain a pushy sales call at such early hours, yet still the dish tv provider is persistent on calling up user at that time. One can only term such a service as a crazy one, as it defies all logic. While it is not yet known if such a crazy service is provided by any of zee dish tv DTH competitors like Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Reliance Digital TV, Airtel Digital TV or Videocon D2H, a similar experience can be expected from them too -given the competitive market conditions.

The aim of this article is to educate people about such a crazy consumer policy. Its always great to check promotional offers but one should be careful about the time period when they submit their contact details. Promotional offers save a lot of money, but if it comes at the inconvenience of waking up to a call at inhuman hours, then its best not to submit contact data anytime late at night.

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Crazy customer care after submission of contact details for dish packages, service,offers, deals or promotions.

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