Dual core processor based mobile phones

Dual core processor based mobile phones

Read all about the new dual core and even multi core processor technology being provided in new SmartPhones. A powerful processing hardware upgrade making way for a future one in mobile phones

Dual Core Processor
There was a time when INTEL and AMD ad gotten into a race to create a computing processor for PC which could power at the highest frequencies. Soon both the solid state electronics giants learned their lessons of heat problems associated with high frequencies processor and thus paved way for a more efficient dual core processor. While now that dual core processors which operate at a processing power of almost two processors have become a everyday reality, the market has already been filled with 3 core, 5 core and 7 core processors. While the later one is outside the reach of an everyday Joes budget, the 3 core processor by Intel has been quite a hot seller.

SmartPhone Technology
Technology has advanced lately and reached levels which were very hard to even expect just 5 years back. Muti-core processors have become a reality with PC based processing and this efficient technology has already found its way into mobile phones. Soon it will be realistic to think of buying a phone with a dual core processor or maybe even a 3 core or 5 core processor phone. The innovation folks have already demonstrated wireless charging so having a high powered dual or triple core phone is not something exaggerating.

One of the first few multi-core SmartPhones to hit the mobile market are Motorola DROID BIONIC 4G, Motorola ATRIX 4G, LG OPTIMUS 2X and Samsung ORION / GALAXY S2.

Multi Core Processors
The Advantages of Dual Core Processor Based Mobile Phone
- The main advantage of a multi-core processor based Processor is the upgrade in mobile gaming and graphics processing.
- Potential for expanding the horizons of mobile computing by allowing for developer based activities on mobile.
- More raw processing power means that the mobile someday might end up replacing the CPU of your PC.

More Processing power does not necessary mean a happy tale. There are some risks associated with this unbelievable hardware upgrade of processor power. The pitfalls of this super advanced technology can be noted below.

The Disadvantages of Dual Core Processor Based Mobile Phone
- There is no proper perfect infrastructure and Operating System capabilities to utilize the wholesome goodness of this hardware upgrade.
- While we have heard about battery melting and battery blasting, a super powerful dual processor would mean risking a lot with the safe usage of a mobile battery.
- Upgrades in other mobile departments are pending, which makes the technology underutilized.

Technology is anyways going to develop, thus it is more logical to wait for the best buy instead or running into a mess. SmartPhones have been a craze lately and companies are trying hard to bring in the best of technology to outboard their closest technology rivals. SmartPhone manufacturers who have selected Android as their preferential Operating System have been at the forefront of it as they do not need to pay much attention towards Android OS development. Dual core powered mobile phones have a long way to go to prove their effectiveness in the first place. The initial cost of purchasing a powerful phone should be taken into account too as price does influence the SmartPhone purchase decision.

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Dual and Multi core processor technology for mobile phones

Poster: Marissa
Few years back, I was using a pc with just a single core processor. Today i find mobile phone with dual core processing capabilities. I wonder how much time it would take for 3 core, 5 core and 7 core processors based mobile phones to get lanched in the market. The mobile phone is changing into a full fledged computer and may even replace the PC soon enough.

Poster: TechGeek
The mobile technology advances are creating ripples almost everyday. Not a single day goes by without hearing about new innovations in mobile telephony. Many people are yet to make switch to a multi core processor pc and here we already have a multi-core processor based mobile phone. This is mind boggling.

DarkWAP.mobi > Technology Stuff > Dual core processor based mobile phones