Effect of Mobile on Poverty

Effect of Mobile on Poverty

Discussion on the effect of mobile phone and mobility technology which can result in social uplift, boost for education and reduction in world poverty. General talk on various case studies commissioned on mobile revolution.

Mobile Technology Penetration
Making anything portable makes it termed mobile and when communication is made mobile, its pure mobility of thoughts, actions and processes. Mobility has huge positive effect on productivity as it bridges many physical gaps out of which virtuosity is just one. Mobile revolution started very late, owing to lack of technology and it did not pick up much pace until it was considerably cheap for the masses to utilize. Now that it is in its prime form, its making huge strides in connecting people. Its social impact is visible through the way of life lead by the urban folks and even the suburbanites but can it really reduce world poverty? That is a question which has boggled many economists and social entrepreneurs.

Poverty Effect
Use of mobile technology is something common for Private social Organizations. The communication system gets a boost and more work can be done with less transport needed thus saving fuel cost and human time. This sure adds to more GDP for the nation also it inflates the economy as the calls are charged but of-course not heavily. A mobile tower enables mobile range connectivity of about 5 km in hilly terrain and 8 km in a plain or flat area. At places where land-line connections mean a lot of investment of time and money, mobile technology becomes the immediate savior. Most of the times these areas are economically backward and socially isolated. Connecting such areas with the happening world opens up a window of opportunity for education, administration and development. Poverty is known to decrease with education facilities and better administration and such golden opportunity is easily presented by mobile technology.

Mobility Services and Applications
Mobility special features like M Commerce, Mobile payments, GPS technologies, WAP i.e. internet connect ability and more facilitate many pro services thus crushing down the alienated complex which backward people face. Approach becomes easier, news of an event is easily transferred and action or reaction against the same is promptly taken. People feel more secure with 24x7 always-on connection. Opportunity doors for development open up. Localization as well as internationalization becomes possible. Developing countries get on par with developed ones. Awareness on numerous daunting serious issues gets raised to unprecedented heights. The involvement of people in social work only increases. Poverty takes a back-foot and integrity becomes more prevailing. People get smarter at money control and management, poverty ultimately reduces drastically. Political implications cannot be ignored either. Technology means boom and mobile telephony is nothing different.

Increase with Mobile Economy and Reduction in Poverty
Grameen Mobile (Bangladesh) and other such mobile networks around the world, based in developing nations have proved that Mobile Networks can be used for the betterment of humanity. There maybe some flip-sides to this arguments but the larger picture is that effect of mobile on poverty is mostly positive and will remain positive for sometime now. Investment in infrastructure always pays back the nation and Mobility is that infrastructure which pays back in many ways including monetary profits. Mobile technology is a proved social catalyst and has much more to offer than the above discussion. Even the social pundits have respect for mobility in their regular general talk. A boost for many good things to come, many more to think about and act upon.

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Discussion on effects of mobile on poverty, the use of mobile technology to increase connectivity as well as income

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