Free Mobile Browser

Free Mobile Browser

The best and free mobile based browser with download manager and other such most wanted features. Fast, secure and intelligent phone browser which even saves bandwidth cost.

These days, almost everybody owns a mobile phone. Even kids from India and Africa own atleast one personal cell phone at the time when they are 16 years old. The mobile revolution has touched us all, irrespective of skin color, gender, literacy, wealth and age. Mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our life these days. Earlier it used to be just Food, Shelter and Water – now it is Food, Talk time and Mobile. On a side note it is sad that certain few nations do have mobile connectivity but scarce drinking water supply.

Moving back to our mobile talk, the phones which the generation today usually goes for are phones which are capable of doing a lot more interesting things other than just making calls. They are termed smartphones and are manufactured by almost all major phone manufacturers out there. Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC: they all are into manufacturing intelligent phones. Google Android based, Nokia Symbian based or iPhone iOS based, these are the phones which have improved functionalities. One of the most improvised functionality within a supposedly smartphone is its ability to connect with the internet. The medium of connectivity is web browser programmed in the phone and as a result, a mobile browser gains undisputed importance.

Most of the internet based experience on a mobile phone is a courtesy of its intelligently coded web browser. However not all smartphones are lucky enough to have a really good default browser. Most of the phones which come with pre-installed mobile browsers, lack in highly demanded functionalities like download manager, zoom and sometimes even stability. A lot many mobile phones have been reported to crash out every time a media rich webpage is loaded. There is however one solution to overcome all these, and that very solution is called UCWEB.

UCWEB, is an amazingly fast mobile based browser, which supports almost all type of mobile phones expect those few like iPhone whose manufacturer is concerned about running any application upon it. The best part about UCWEB is that it is a free to download and free to use mobile browser. There is no cost associated with its downloading or usage, infact its system as been designed in such a way that it ends up speeding your mobile internet speeds and even saves your money on bandwidth data usage. Given an exception of few dozen phone models, UCWEB is universally compatible with almost all mobiles in use. It has a generic java version which loads on all java enabled i.e. midp2 based phones. There is a special edition symbian based installer for UCWEB which gives it a robust hold over the phone and increases its productive usability. The mobile browser is light on phone memory considering all the features that it adds for mobile net browsing. UCWEB is available for windows mobile phones too. A different version of this mobile browser exists for each of the different succeeding mobile operating systems of Microsoft Windows.

You can download free UCWEB mobile phone browser from here

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Save internet data usage money with a super fast, efficient and free mobile browser called UCWEB. Smart browser with all the most wanted features incl

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