Free apps usage causes mobile battery drain and slower performance

Free apps usage causes mobile battery drain and slower performance

Free applications causing phone to run slow and result in a significant amount of battery drainage. Performance of a mobile downgrades owning to multiple processes initiated by free apps.

Its raining free apps and free widgets in app stores across all platforms. Be it Android, iOS, Bada,Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS. There is no dearth of freebies for any of the mentioned operating system. Free applications are not necessary philanthropic in nature, most of them are profitable in nature, and this profit comes from selling ad space or integrating third party services.

Take for example the funding or Opera Mini browser. One does not notice any ads during the execution of the browser. One may notice ads on various web pages but none can be found integrated within the browser app, yet still the browser is a financial success, it has good economical backing etc. Ever wondered, why and how it is possible for a free mobile browser like opera mini to make money? Well, here is the answer! Opera mini sells space on the browser front page, it lists a number of sites on the preset favorites category and it charges the websites for a link placement to them. Opera mini even sells the preset search bar on the navigation page. Unverified news sources published on the web have claimed Opera getting a huge sum in exchange for listing Google search as the primary search engine for Opera mini browser.

While Opera had the ability and power to manipulate its settings, other app creators utilize a different route. Today, new phones come equipped with new functionality. Geo-location, geo-tagging etc have become a reality technology. Advertising industry can better target the consumer based on the consumer gender orientation, location and browsing history. These functionalities can be brought forth even in passive mode while primarily running the application. While a person may have an app running on screen, the app can send request to the phone internals to retrieve geo-location, it can then dispatch this data to a 3rd party ad server and even serve an advertisement based on this data within the application.

A process of retrieving, dispatching and again downloading advertisement data puts the phone through a considerable amount of behind the screen processing. Such a processing may not only slow down the phone from performing fast but it can also lead to unchecked battery drainage.

Android is criticized a lot for battery drainage. This drainage actually is a result of apps working in background to do such unwarranted server calls. It is a common knowledge that a phone drains maximum amount of battery during internet surfing, downloading or any act that results into internet usage.

It was found in among certain few apps that, the primary app processing formed just 25 percent of the total processing power required while running the app. 75 percent of the app processing was due to the advertisement requests that got initiated after loading of the app.

Unless and until, this extensive battery drainage is not brought under check, the smart phones will continue to suffer from poor battery life. It is at times wiser to pay for the mobile app instead of downloading and installing an application full of adverts and battery draining affiliations.

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Battery drains fast when free apps are executed on the phone. Slower performances are also recorded during free app usage.

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