Free iPad

Free iPad

The constant growing nuisance of free iPad scams on internet and the recent step taken by Facebook to ban it.

Free Apple iPad
The Apple iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. The iPad was recently announced on January 27, 2010. It is similar in functionality with respect to the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad runs on the same operating system ( i.e iPhone OS). The popularity of the iPhone has made it a raging success, and it, along with other mobility devices, showed Apple and other manufacturers that consumers were ready for a tablet. In order to create its tablet, Apple had to ride a wave of consumer-readiness and incorporated the technologies and approaches to computing that have come to define computing in the modern era. As a result Apple s iPad has been a rage among technology geeks and sadly few scums who initiate various internet scams.

Free iPad Scam
Of late there have been various advertisements on Facebook about giving away free iPads after filling up few surveys. In the end the free iPad gimmick turned out to be a scam. Few investigations led to the fact that the ads were being run by a certain company called * Net Radiance *. Which turned out to be part of a Florida company, * World Avenue * , which got into trouble in the past with Florida and Texas for * free * offers and ended up paying those states a total of $1.8 million to settle. According to the Florida Attorney General s office, World Avenue has done business under dozens of names in the past and still continues to do so.

Apple iPad
The scam is not limited to just one single company but is being carried out by many other. Usually an iPad will cost a person anything between 499 USD to 699 USD, the prospect of getting it for free is just too good to be missed. The strange part about these scams is that, the advertisements boasts of giving out free 3g iPads to anybody and everybody, but officially 3g enabled iPads will be available only in June 2010. Facebook got its act straight by deleting free ipad Anybody ? ads and having the advertiser pushed under a ban, How many free iPads people will be receiving via internet surveys will remain a big mystery for sometime now.

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Free iPad scams on internet

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