Future mobile connectivity

Future mobile connectivity

Implications of current mobile network congestion and spectrum scarcity. The prediction of mobile network shaping in terms of speed, connectivity and optimum bandwidth operations. Usage of 2G, 3G and 4G networks in parallel alongside Wi-Max.

Industry Analysts say that there will not be a new network creation after 4G. They say that there would be no available leftover spectrum to consume for mobile operations. Does it mean that 4G is the last step in mobile revolution? What will power future mobile connectivity? This article will try to explain why such is being said, what it actually means and what will be the future of mobile communication systems.

It is true that 4G will possibly remain the last advancement in mobile network application. The prime reason for this being that 4G is enormously more efficient than any network band range and it is enough to suffice for all population data needs for next few decades.

Spectrum is a rare resource. Unknown to us, there exists a frequency range which enables radios to transmit radio waves, mobiles to communicate with mobile towers and satellites to send signals to earth. There are frequency band ranges which can be used for data transmission and these frequency band ranges are very limited in nature. Its almost like limited mineral resources on earth.

Every country controls a certain set of frequency band range. Countries are equipped with equipments which can be used to block or Jam a certain band range if they desire to. The country reserves frequency spectrum for defense usage so that normal commercial use of a bandwidth does not cause a problem with military communication systems. No private entity is allowed to utilize the military bandwidth, if it does then the government can blacklist the organization, arrest the people behind it and destroy or confiscate the equipment used for such illegal use. It becomes imperative for organizations to sought permission from Government and Defense ministry to utilize frequency ranges for mobile communication system.

The drastic cuts in mobile call rates, the expansion of mobile communication systems into rural areas had led to a considerable congestion within the 2G spectrum band. To overcome this a new spectrum was devoted to mobile network operations. A normal 2G based mobile phone cannot utilize this spectrum as its not manufactured for use in that range. The range is such that it allows for extreme high speed data transfers, mobile calling with a sophisticated piece of technology equipment. 3G spectrum is enough to suffice for all mobile calling needs but it not enough for data transfer which has become and increasing integral part of mobile communication systems. The future mobile connectivity in 3G range is bound to get impacted even while 3G boasts of a optimum download speed of 21 Mbps. This is exactly where 4G i.e. LTE comes to rescue.

The optimum data transfer speeds for 4G lies in the range of few hundred MbPS. This speed is predicted to grow even more as the 4G network is under testing. When 4G gets launched, it will primarily be used for data transfers thus it will decongest 3G spectrum which will be used for making calls. A speed of almost one Gigabyte per second will guarantee that all data transfer needs will be met for. This means that we do not have to worry about these spectrum scarcity issues. To balance things in a more better way, we can also utilize Wi-Max network to lower the considerable load on the infrastructure. Wi-Max is also known as BWA i.e. Bandwidth Allocation and it can service an area of 50 km in diameter without setting up towers every few kilometers. Our future mobile connectivity is completely insured and we do not need to worry about what the newspapers print about the network congestions and spectrum scarcity.

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4G network impact on total mobile connectivity in future. Optimum use of network resources for mobile communication purposes involving 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Max for bandwidth usage and

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