Future of Mobile web with HTML5

Future of Mobile web with HTML5

HTML5 properties, future application, usability, innovation, technology applicability and more discussed as future prospect for mobile web

HTML5 and Mobile Web
There is a lot of buzz going on in the mobile market regarding who will be taking over as the supreme pioneer of mobile web channeling. Would it be a mobile app crazy world or would the universal web prevail over everything including the mobile specialty sites. To add to all this spice HTML5 has just joined in to prove its supremacy and it has already found mega-backer as its adopter. You-Tube has recently relaunched its mobile site in HTML5 format and it is already supported by all the new smart phones in the market. The following article will detail the innovative properties of HTML5 and how they can revolutionize everything in terms of usage of mobile web. It will also postulate the kind of future that beholds for the mobile app sector.

HTML5 Usability
HTML5 is a new markup floated by W3C HTML WG and WHATWG. It is an under-development revision of the universally respected HTML standard. Successor to HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web also usually called Internet. The new standard incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, it also adds more functionality in terms of GeoLocation, Canvas Support and various new input types. Witch richer and interactive media system, HTML5 is touted as the next big thing not just for the PC web but more specifically for the Mobile Web and the reason for such are as follows.

GeoLocation Properties
GeoLocation : I.P (Internet Protocol) trace systems have thrived on the missing functionality of detection of user location. Considering aspects of mobile commerce, easy service, management of inventory and more such reasons Geo Location is by far the best functionality that HTML5 serves. Imagine the amount of usability of such a system - One can cat and date a fellow person from the same region / area / locality. One can purchase goods from the nearest branch of a networked chain of retailing. One can read about the localized news without even requiring to reveal local address. The applications are huge. iPhone and iPad already had this functionality in them and now most of next generation phones which include phones running on Android platform, Symbian operating systems and Research in motion have this functionality incorporated in their browser. Geo Location is not anymore the turf for just mobile apps, its a universal feature now with phone browsers being webkit as the manufacturers choice.

Canvas Element
Canvas Element : The Canvas Element is mostly a fun feature but it does have its productive usability. One can utilize the Canvas 2D API for immediate mode 2D drawing. This graphics based API specification can also be utilized to generate media rich presentations, graphs, charts, cartoons, designs and so much more. Face morphing, image editing and other such tools will not need installation of apps, it will become something that can be accomplished using any online tool which is created using HTML 5. Fun, addictive, cool and even then productive that is what the Canvas Element is all about.

Offline Data Management
Speed Optimization : HTML 5 adds various memory management controls like Offline storage database ( offline web applications ), Browser history management, Microdata, Web SQL Database and Indexed Database API which increases its individual service, functionality and usability to levels of specialized mobile apps. Such a local management of data allows for faster processing of data, faster load time, lesser online data relay and reduces server side load to drastic low levels. Its quite useful with email clients, messaging services, internet relay chats and more such networking tools which seem to be a craze at the given moment.

Other Features: Apart from above briefly discussed features, HTML5 has more added functional scripting APIs ( application programming interfaces ) as below:
Timed media playback (useful for media playing functionality including but not limited to web streaming, conferencing and more)
Document editing ( useful for offline and online development and deployment of projects, also useful for mail and messaging clients)
Drag-and-drop (cool tool to relocate graphics and design stuff. Also useful for scripting, blogging and more)
Cross-document messaging (adds the universal usability factor)
MIME type and protocol handler registration. (Useful for playing media data of various formats thus delimiting the streaming capabilities)

Mobile Apps
Most of the above discussed facilities are available for mobile apps as they have root access to inbuilt phone systems. But Mobile Apps face one big hurdle and that hurdle is the adoption of different Developer Kit / System by each of the competing Operating Systems. An app developed for iPhone would not be compliant with the Symbian OS and the Android OS or vice-versa. Each Operating System holds its apps library where an app needs to be submitted, after submission it takes weeks for the app to be accepted and published. With 4 Operating Systems ( OS ) competing against each other, no OS holds more than 50 percent of market share for smart phones. With devices getting more intelligent everyday, it makes more sense in deploying HTML5 than creating an app for each OS. HTML5 is definitely the projected safe future for pure mobile web deployment.

The mobile device gets smarter everyday, adding more productive potential to it and it its even been purchased at a mass scale. The API properties of HTML5 make it the best choice above everything. Future prospects holds good for HTML5 through every possible discussed way. The future maybe uncertain but HTML5 holds the key to performance, efficiency and connect-ability. In simple words - HTML5 - ROCKS!

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What Future Holds for Mobile Web with HTML5

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