Game on opera mini with a social cause

Game on opera mini with a social cause

Online computer game compatible designed to play with opera mini mobile phone browser with a social cause and mission to eradicate poverty, hunger and increase education.

Opera Mini
Opera mini has been the highest ever downloaded mobile browser in this world. The super functionality and impeccable programming backbone and support provided by opera has made the mini a king of its own arena. A software which made allowed many phones into smart mobile devices, a revolutionary tool which not just brought the mainframe internet into mobiles but even saved upon data transfer costs was a boon for infant stage mobility. A web browser which not just wielded magic on the average cell phone but even on smart computing phones was developed by Opera Software Company and is supported by the partnership of Opera and the search giant Google.

Mobile Games
Mobile games have been a craze and were expected to remain a craze for a decade more. Mobile Gaming is reaching new levels with game developers such as Gameloft , EA sports, Atari making mobile games. While mobile gaming requires a lot of mobile phone processing, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to get all games work on one single platform. Interestingly Opera Mini paves the way for such a platform.

Opera Mini Game
The World Bank Institute ( learning arm of the World Bank ) has launched an online computer game called * EVOKE *. This game has been designed to get young people involved in finding solutions to urgent world population problems like hunger, poverty and lack of education education. It is a game created with a social and noble cause to encourage masses , to educate them about the ground level realities of hunger and poverty in developing and under developed countries ( especially the countries from Africa ). With a mission to eradicate social inadequacies of poverty and hunger and uplift of under privileged via proper education facility this game envisions to aim high on social points. Its importance increases even more when it comes to light that the game is compatible with opera mini browser.

Opera mini browser is by popularity the most default common browser across many mobile platforms and mobile devices. There is a version of opera mini for almost every type of phone and the universal quotient just keeps on increasing. With this increase the problems of poverty and hunger can get a more focused exposure and a more concrete action as well as action plan can be drafted. As for the game, the winners of the ten week long game could be mentored by global social innovators and business leaders, they also win a trip to a conference in Washington DC regarding poverty, hunger and education.

The producer of the game was quoted praising the universal appeal of opera mini and looked forward to spreading good awareness about the mission and social cause. For opera mini users in Africa, The browser as always been huge! Now having the games to play and websites render perfectly in opera mini, there not much left to ask for. Opera Mini - truly a revolution of its own kind.

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Online computer game compatible designed to play with opera mini mobile phone browser.

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