Gameloft Mobile Games Monopoly

Gameloft Mobile Games Monopoly

A monopoly market policy adoption by Gameloft mobile games developer and publisher with regard to installation and re-installation of pre-purchased Android mobile phone games.

Are you an Android user ? If you are then you must have felt the scarcity of good enough mobile games for the operating system. If yes, then you can squarely blame Gameloft for this.

Gameloft is is a mobile games publisher based in France. It has to its credit really cool games such as Asphalt, Real Football, Air Control and more. The game quality of Gameloft games has been appreciated by gaming critics all over the world. Since Gameloft is focused only on mobile phone gaming, it ends up delivering the best gaming solutions for various mobile platforms like J2ME, iPhone and even Android OS but sadly all games by Gameloft cannot be found on Android Market.

Gameloft has been a player in the mobile segment for quite a long time. Over a period of time Gameloft has developed a sense of supremacy as it tends to be the bestseller of most of mobile gaming titles. Like Gameloft Android has been the new superstar on the block, with a silly little difference that Android provides a mobile framework for its own applications as well as third party applications to get executed while Gameloft forms a tiny miniscule part of the amount of applications that are allowed to be run on any Android based phone.

Gameloft has very antagonist policies when it comes to reinstalling of its Games on mobile device. Its policies towards re-installing are kind of monopolistic and effectively in contrast with the end user requirements. Gameloft hardly ever introduces its applications in the Google Android market and tends to market these by its own network or through the crippled fraudulent mobile affiliate network. Gameloft monopolizes its gaming solutions by blocking a smooth re-install of its commercially purchased products. Its systems block installation of a previously purchased game installation file via its network.

One can accept that buying Gameloft games via an affiliate network may not allow for re-installation of the same, but Gameloft adds to woes of mobile users by blocking re-installing of the same purchased game even when the purchase was made via a validated Gameloft WapShop account. Such an attitude of this mobile game publisher is being considered akin to that of monopoly. It is a shame that the game developer has no regard for solving customer grievances. It seems that the developer has loaned in anti-customer attitude from its affiliate partner i.e. MobPartner in order to ruin customer relationship with everybody out there in the mobile web.

It is noteworthy to find out that both networks i.e. MobPartner and Gameloft are based in France and both these networks then to throw the shoe right at their own customers face. If one was to take lessons in customer management, then they ought to avoid MobPartner and Gameloft to maximum extent. If one wants to download free games including that of Gameloft then its beneficial to check out Download free mobile games for cell phone article hosted by DarkWap.

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