Google Sniper Secret scam expose

Google Sniper Secret scam expose

A take on the Google Sniper marketing scam running around on the internet. An expose of the truth behind the fraud system of online money earning.

Off late people have been coming across ads everywhere related to earning a huge sum of money on the internet in a very short amount of time. To certify this effective method of such earning, people have been splashing capaciously unedited screen-shots of certain page views stats, some earning statistics (which incidentally be sky high) some logical reasoning and a lot of highlighted trash talk. These people have not even spared the conventionally garbage-free mobile web. Normal web browsing and earning through hard-work has become a rarity thanks to a guy called George Brown who has been at the forefront of promotion of a certain software called Google Sniper (the use of Google brand itself amounts to gross misuse of trademark). The following is an article educating people about the realities of such a scam.

The Article became a necessity as nobody on the Internet would want to write bad about Google Sniper and the more recent Google Sniper 2.0 money earning system because in the end they themselves will be leaving a link for the package so that people will check out the Google Sniper methodology, spend some money while the affiliate marketer makes money.

If someone was to teach you how to dance like a professional, by giving you individual coaching time, then you may want to pay the guy, but what if someone wants to charge you for a dance tutorial video uploaded on YouTube with no individual based attention? You would never want to pay that person, right? After all its a video which everybody can watch for free. The same goes for an ebook to help you out make money via a clickbank system.

George Brown asks for a good 77 USD to teach you basic SEO. Now Unless you are a complete no-brainer, there is no point in you paying for what Mr. Brown or any of the fast money makers are offering. These scamming scumbags inflate the usual earning figures to levels which are not achievable. The greed among human beings to earn more by paying less makes them an easy target and in the end a hapless victim too.

Money Makers tell you that it is unbelievably easy to earn money online which is a false claim to start with. The Internet is full of good things as well as junk stuff. So if you start to earn money by posting junk stuff, the system would never work of-course unless you find a way to avoid being penalized by Google and other search engines out there.

If you really want to earn good via the internet, there is only one secret way and that is good content, hard work and yea proper affiliate marketing. Do not fall prey to false claims of earning money fast. If it was so easy then every other Internet user would have been a millionaire by now. Save those 77 USD or whatever lowest amount these scam blokes ask for. Do not believe in the reviews posted for these software or tools. Most of these reviews are fake. Its a fraud to flatter your product while impersonating as a different Individual. The scam is so well organized that they even consider race and demographics to target and achieve their lead sale.

Learn Basic SEO from free resource articles found on the net and do not fall prey to the Google Sniper Marketing. Do research on the effectiveness and the hidden motives / profits behind fake scamming reviews about such products. Avoiding such things is in your best economical interest. Hope the exposed reality of Google Sniper helps many to avoid being duped by these huge online earning fake claims.

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Google Sniper Reality Expose

Poster: George M.
I always knew that these few folks who were claiming to have uncovered google secrets were frauds. Thankfully I did not invest any money in them. Some guy at a forum told me that all the Google Sniper does, even a kid can do it. My guess is that some people are more naive than even kids to require Google Sniper program.

Poster: Google Sniper
This Google Sniper sceheme is a complete sham. Its just one other way that these internet scamsters have come up with to fool the netizens. There should be more such reviews of this fraud sniper thing.

Poster: Chevy
Ya I Hate all the spam as a result of this stupid google sniper.. There is another scam out there now, and I can\'t figure out the motive.. They don\'t ask for any $ but instead for basic information claiming that some rich dude in some far away country that has my SAME last name.. Has recently died. His estate is worth some unbelieveably REDICULOUS amount of $ and if not claimed by family will go to the government. The person sending the email was \"supposedly\" the financial advisor to this de
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