Image Copyrights for a mobile pic

Image Copyrights for a mobile pic

Copyright issues surrounding pictures taken from mobile phone cameras. Rights of individuals who put efforts in clicking a camera but are devoid of the propriety claim. Talk on ability to edit or delete pics for pic owners.

We seldom go out for excursions, picnics or friendly outings. We may forget taking a high clarity camera along with us but we never forget to take our mobile phones. These days almost all smartphones are equipped with a considerably powerful camera which allows for taking photos in high resolution, the clarity of pictures taken by the mobile phone camera is also substantial these days. If we exclude the 8 megapixel camera phones all other phones have decent cameras to boast of.

While on an excursion, party or a meet, we always feel like taking pictures either of an interesting sight or photos of our friends. These photos may not turn out that great but sometimes they do and that is when it becomes a pic to remember. These photographs taken by your phone automatically become a copyright of yours, it is for nobody to certify that the pics belong to you. If they are taken by your camera, they become your property.

In recent times, the world has woken up to a new theft i.e. intellectual and media property theft. If some large corporation claims photos taken by you as their own then that corporation is in a way cheating you of your right. One such corporation that does it is Facebook.

For facebook the matter of photo upload are quite a tricky one hence it declares before a pic upload that any pics uploaded to facebook become a property of Facebook . Such a statement becomes a must as it allows for easy handling of copyright infringement issues. The claimant can direct contest for his / her pic copyrights from facebook and hence it becomes easier for the social network to handle the claim.

If your pics have been stolen from you and uploaded on the net somewhere or sold in any way, you have the right to make claims for compensation. Its your Image and you have full copyrights for its edit, transfer or deletion. Do not get fooled by the massiveness of the organization, if your creativities are stolen from you then stand up file a plea and most probably your will get your due.

Image copyright is quite a tricky subject hence tread the path in a proactive manner. Even if it is a mobile pic, it is a pic taken due to your efforts, not by the efforts of facebook, some junkie uploader.

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A through guide on rights and respectful claims of a pic taken by a mobile camera user. Copyright issues surrounding mobile phones camera pics.

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