Market available laptop and mobile to TV connection cords

Market available laptop and mobile to TV connection cords

Available laptop or computer or mobile to TV connection cords. Methods to display HDMI output on a television screen using a cord or a connector box with DVI or RCA plug.

Television Display Output
People always want to view things on a larger screen, especially when you have a high definition HDMI output from a source which you can view in a crisp picture quality on your larger size screen television. Connecting laptop to television is a very new thing. By this way you are making the big television screen as your preferential display screen instead of your laptop, pc or even mobile. This means that your laptop screen will be viewed on the TV screen and if you adjust the settings properly you can view your movies or videos running on the Laptop on your TV screen. It is very much possible to Connect Laptop screen to TV but the picture quality will not be as good as you view it on your laptop screen. If that is not a primary serious problem there are various methods available for getting this job done. This article will provide you details of all the available connector cords to view display output from laptop or mobile on your biger display size Television set

S Video Cable Cord
S Video Cable Cord TV Connector
There are various methods available for doing such a connection. First check out the connectors on back of your TV and your computer. See if it is a S video cable cord. It simply looks like a black four-prong round plug. If you can see such a port behind your TV as well as Computer, simply connect them using a S video cable cord which is readily available in any electronics based shop for about 10 USD. This sole cord connects both audio and video from laptop to TV.

RCA Cords
RCA Laptop TV Connect
If your sound box is separately connected to your computer or you have a separate sound system, use a RCA cord to connect your audio to TV. RCA cords are very common to see, normally used for DVD players to the TV. They are three round plugs, white is related to audio output, yellow is related to video output and red is known to be related to mono output. In case the TV has a S video port but your computer has a RCA port or vice–verse there are available cables such as RCA to S video exclusively for this purpose.

DVI/HDMI port Cable
HDMI to DVI TV Cord Connect
In case your TV has none of these ports but has DVI/HDMI port you need a single cable for connecting with HDMI source. Nowadays high specification mobile phones too tend to have a HDMI output port. Now in case of avialbility of a single DVI port only, you need two separate cables for audio and video outputs. You need a DVI to HDMI cable for video output to TV from computer and you also need a RCA cord for the desired audio signal.

VGA TV Cable
VGA to TV Convertor
Another option of connecting TV with laptop is using PC to TV converter box. Just connect a VGA cable(generally a 15 pin connector) in your computer port and your connector box, later use RCA cable and connect the box with your TV. The power to the box may be from supply line or from USB.

The inter-connection compatibilities of devices have increased many-folds. The increased connect-ability can be best made out from the point that even mobile phones have joined the compatibility wagon by getting a HDMI output port. Hopefully this cord connection technology related article would be found useful to folks who want to establish Laptop to TV connection, Computer to TV connection, Mobile to TV connection and even Tablet PC to TV connection.

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Market available laptop and mobile to TV connection cords

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These new wire cable standards are so damn confusing. I am not a geek and those connection manuals are quite useless. I hope the industry manufacturers come up with wire connector standards which will not eat my brain.
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