Micromax creates waves with its 3g android phone

Micromax creates waves with its 3g android phone

The cheapest android to hit the market, Micromax brings a technology revolution at affordable price of 153 dollars or 118 euros or 6999 rupees

Android Operating System
Android phones are a craze these days especially when they do everything for you whatever you ask them to. The app support for these phones is cool too,plus you get the guarantee that Google will never deliver a bad user experience. Android craze started with the operating system becoming open source thus paving way for phenomenal development in it. When the end user declared that the mobile operating system is sexy, every other mobile phone manufacturer out there wanted to have it in their phone. Android phones are usually super cool and features loaded gadgets, the operating system kinda transforms the device into more than just a phone, it literally makes it a mobile computer and sometimes even more than that.

Micromax Mobile Phones
So, You would say that - yea we know about android and its goodness so whats exactly new about it?, the new part is that usually an android would not come cheap. In United States of America and Europe where phones can be bought cheap along with a contract usually do not turn out cheap at the end of their use. Conventional mobile brand Android phones are usually pegged at a price tag higher than 200 Euros or 265 USD i.e. 12000 Indian Rupees, now if you were to get an Android phone at almost half the price, how cool would that be? Especially a fully loaded feature enriched Android mobile phone? Now you can!

Micromax is an Indian mobile handset manufacturer. It is a company which played a crucial role in literally taking Nokia by its horns by providing, state-of-the-art technology phones. The main difference it makes is the price range at which its phones are offered. Micromax phones are really cheap in India given that they exclude importing costs. Micromax was earlier considered only an obscure entity in the mobile market until it introduced technologies like gravity sensors, 3D effects, gameolution and more. Micromax phones would still be cheaper if exported to other countries as the technology involved is ingenious thus making it affordable. Micromax has now move one step ahead by launching a 3G Android phone which seems to be the game changer in the mobile market. The details about it, now follow.

Micromax Cheapest Android
Micromax launches the cheapest android, a revolutionary phone ready to hit the market. It brings a technology revolution at affordable price of 153 dollars or 118 euros or 6999 rupees, the phone has the following specifications:
Android 2.1 Éclair
Full Touch Screen
3.2 MP Auto Focus Camera
Voice Assisted GPS Navigation
Android Market / Android App Gallery
Accelerator Sensor
HSDPA 7.2Mbps
HSUPA 5.6Mbps

Andro A60 Specifications
Named Andro A60, the phone is supposed to be available in CDMA as well as GSM variant. Weighing only 105 gms, the phone is really light to carry. While it runs on Android 2.1 Eclair operating system it has inbuilt audio and video player with stereo output. Eclair is just one version outdated of the current Froyo operating system which is still in beta and not exactly finished. You get the opportunity to upgrade the phone operating system. It has an internal memory of 150 MB and its external memory can be expanded up-to 32 GB. Andro A60 is a really great choice if one is to go for an Android cell phone with 3G capabilities. This phone is a sure shot winner in the phone manufacturer race and will bring about drastic price cuts in other phones too.

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Android eclair mobile for as low as 153 USD or 118 EUR or 6999 INR

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DarkWAP.mobi > Technology Stuff > Micromax creates waves with its 3g android phone