Mobile Blogging World Trends

Mobile Blogging World Trends

A convenient trend around the world of people joining in mobile blogging networks. Increase in the number of blog posts, profile updates and tweets, courtesy to the boost from celebrities.

Everyday a large number of mobile enthusiasts are joining in the bandwagon of mobile bloggers. Boosted by celebrities who reveal their tweeting clients details in their tweets, a lot many people have taken to mobile blogging or at least micro blogging networks. Mobile networks such as twitter and facebook are at the forefront and preferred platforms for mobile blogging enthusiasts.

The trend to post own updates took a big leap when celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka Chopra and others took a liking towards Twitter. Facebook sensed that mobile was going to be the prime successor for future internet connectivity, too jumped into the foray of providing means to update statuses via mobile. Facebook mobile version is a proof of the emphasis that facebook is putting into mobile connectivity.

Mobile blogging currently exists in a micro updating form, but even these micro-updates are in the form of tsunamis which flood the internet every given second. It is conveniently easy to publish opinion about anything on the internet without describing it in detail. A 160 character tweet hardly takes two minutes of typing and may get read by even millions. People follow each other to keep in touch with such tweets.

Usually in classic internet, a blog is considered to contain at least 400 words describing a product, a situation, a phenomenon or some random rambling. However the same is not true in Mobile Blog world. Here being short and precise is something that counts more important. Any decent mobile phone is capable of posting a blog post via mobile phone but may be not as big as 400 words.

The trends of the world change every second and mobile blogging is the best way to make the latest stuff available on the internet. You can use web clients such as twitter or facebook to add in your voice, your words, your updates, or you can even use Rockchat to post your mind.

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Connect via mobile phone and blog about anything is the newest trend in blogging world. celebrities are endorsing micro blogging via facebook, twitter and other such mobile bloggin

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