Mobile Classroom

Mobile Classroom

Huge potential of mobile classroom program in future. Education degree on cellphone via virtual lectures is a possibility. Universities bound to set up courses for mobile classrooms.

A mobile classroom is actually a mobile podcast wherein you view or only listen to lectures which are either conducted live or pre-recorded lectures or presentation which are broadcasted at a time. Mobile classrooms are very much a thing of the future i.e. when universities recognize that its easier to coach or guide a student well through mobile media. Such a system will gain more following when the universities would be unable to accommodate students in their campus. Such a scenario is highly possible in the future when there will be almost 100 percent literacy and the people trying for higher education courses would be more than 50 percent.

As one may have taken an experience recently that a mere graduation degree does not guarantee high paying job prospectus, people need to take up post graduation degrees and diplomas to grab a better job in their study choice industry. In the future, universities will have no other choice but to enroll students via e-learning membership programs.

The desktop computers are phasing out from the list of preferred internet communication devices. Laptops, Netbooks and now recently Tablet computers are filling in as computing devices with mobile internet connection capabilities. Soon they too would phase out, giving in way for the supreme mobile connection device i.e. the mobile phone itself. While transfer and reading of education material would be one problem to sort in the future, at-least mobile lectures and mobile classrooms remain a achievable possibility.

Student would need to authorize their access in order to join a mobile classroom. They would get the choice to stream or download lectures on their mobile phones. Students would get to go trough the presentations at anytime and anywhere, provided they are using their mobile phone. Mock tests and even term examinations might get conducted through cellphones. Such virtual educational classrooms would provide the perfect platform for students around the world to talk to each other and help eac other out with projects and problem solutions. Mobile classrooms hold endless possibilities for education imparting.

Mobile classroom may have its own flip side too. Students may get disinterested in attending any lectures and waste their times lazing around or doing wrong things. Students may get knowledge of things that they are not supposed to learn, the mobile classroom program may cause students to stray away into wrong fundamental societies. Virtual cheating and other such problems will arise alongside the classroom spread. The learner may get astray by interacting with unhealthy social elements. There can be more drawbacks to this mobile classroom program, which I am sure a learned society will be aptly able to overcome. Mobile classroom just might make that right change in society, which will lead to a happy and peaceful world.

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University approved virtual education on mobile phones may get possible in future due to mobile classrooms. Degrees on internet and other courses may

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