Mobile Future

Mobile Future

A sneak into what the mobile future promises for us. Few projections based upon the development of mobile phone technology. Better communications and services from mobile networks in future.

Okay, so you got the latest smartphone and 30 minutes later, a newer and better smartphone was introduced into the market by some other company. The heart breaks further when the mobile manufacturer of your device introduces an upgraded version of your phone model just few days after you bought the phone. This is the story of every geeky joe who wants to own the latest and the best cell phone in the market.

The competition in mobile phone manufacturing has reached new heights wherein a new model gets introduced almost everyday. The processors inside the mobile phones have been upgraded to two cores, soon there would be multi core-processing based mobile phones. Even when 4G is in its infant testing stage, already mobiles are being launched which can harness the future network technology. There has been improvement by leaps and bounds, with regard to mobile graphics. If the present so much evolved beyond our expectations, one would always wonder what the mobile future would be like.

Personally, I feel that mobiles would become extinct in future. We would join a nano technology revolution, nano chips would be manufactured and planted inside our teeth and eyes to effectively communicate with peers including the ones who would be thousands of miles away. The very use of a bulky device to communicate with anybody would end up being booed or considered uncool.

With powerful microphone technology used in our teeth-based-nano-chips we would be able to talk with anybody anywhere. Imagine the potential it would have for mobile learning. One would not need to go to any college or university to get a degree. Holographic projections would be used to have video chat, conferences and even supervision.

Before all this, the smartphone will be replaced by a genius phone, hopefully that will be what people would end up calling cell phones which would be faster than the present latest smartphone. The future of mobiles is full of surprises, we just hope that the evolving mobile technology does not turn us into zombies of future. We have to consider the odds of destruction while counting the possibilities of development. Hoping for the best of mobile future. At-least for now.

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Upgrading of mobile phone and network technology to a new level. Best mobility and communication capability for future cell phones.

Poster: Surat
i m from bhopal..(m.p).yaha syhaad 20rs se 3g pack start hota hai...waise recharge karane ke baad deactivate kaise karenge...kyu ki reliance main plan act hone ke baad auto activate ho jata hai next day ke liye aur balance deduct ho jata hai...but at last thanks 4 ips

Poster: Abdul Rehman
Darkwap has a great future. This site is the best damn site ever. I hate present technology and loves future. Abdul rehman soon will be joining to 11th.. India, kerala male. :D :D :D
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