Mobile GPS Service Facts

Mobile GPS Service Facts

Interesting facts about Mobile GPS service. hardware feature, accuracy and system of global positioning satellites to provide navigation maps and location details on receiver.

Modern day smartphones are devices equipped with many unbelievable features. Utility programs and hardware updates which one would not even be able to dream about 5 years back are now available on mobile phones. One such feature that blows everybody s mind is the GPS hardware and service for cellphones. The following facts about GPS will surely blow up your mind. Have fun reading the capability of your GPS enable mobile device. Global Positioning System (GPS) used in almost all mobile equipments now a days, was primarily used for Navigation for Airplanes and Ships, but now it is equipped in most of the mobile phones and Cars for Navigation. But do you know all the Facts about GPS, well, we think not.

At least 24 GPS satellites keep orbiting the earth at a single instance, although there are more than 30 satellites, including two reserve satellites. Did you know you have at least six satellites servicing in the region where you stand.

1) Every GPS satellite orbits the earth at-least once every 12 hours. The satellite flight distance accounts 12.500 miles (20,000 km), averaging 7.000 miles per hour (about 11,000 km).
2) To get the exact location and equipment of your GPS receiver / GPS tracker it is required to combine signals from four satellites, although in some special cases it is just three.
3) GPS was launched after a disaster i.e. in 1983, 007 flight airlines flown by Korean Air Lines had violated Soviet airspace after an equipment guide failure, that wandered off aircraft was shot down along with all 269 passengers in it, all of them died. The consequences of this accident led to the U.S. President Ronald Reagan ordering the military to produce a global positioning system for civilian purposes which later completed and commissioned to avoid similar accidents in future.
4) NavStar starting point was the name given to the U.S. military global positioning system.
5) GPS is not just for navigation but it also can be used to obtain accurate time. Each GPS satellite has atomic clocks and time signals are sent alongside the location tracking data. With support from the signals, a GPS receiving device can determine the current time in 1 / 100 billion seconds. These signals are used to synchronize the time on your cell phone.
6) The ground antennas spread throughout the world are used to adjust the path of the satellite and the time they sync.
7) GPS is owned and placed under the control of the Department of Defense.
8) By 2000, civilian GPS had removed a feature called “choice is available” (Selective Availability – SA). Such a move causes a random approximation error of up to 328 feet (about 100) thus leading to reduction in accuracy of the navigation system (Intentional accuracy difference for military advantage). Selective Availability feature was deactivated on 01/05/2000.
9) During the Gulf War in 1991, many U.S. soldiers were equipped with GPS devices and functions of the SA was turned off during the war to give an edge to American military might.
10) GPS works on a session system. This system was further upgraded with the addition of a new satellite resulting in an accuracy increase the system became more useful.

Surprised? well these are just facts, hope you enjoyed reading them. They are quite interesting facts especially the part that, for each of your GPS data positioning requests you get to use the services of at-least 3 or more satellites orbiting the earth. If you employ GPS tracking for kids - those same satellites will be keeping a tab on your kids, all the time. GPS technologies especially like Garmin GPS rock. Its cool to ave a GPS tracker when you want to stay on the safer side.

GPS navigation system, GPS maps and GPS software can be bought from a GPS store. Garmin GPS and Tom Tom GPS are few of the best GPS maps providers out there.

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Mobile location maps and global satellite positioning of GPS system for better tracking data on a GPS tracker or receiver.

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I hardly knew all these facts about my Garmin GPS receiver. They are so interesting. Cool GPS research posted here. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there is more to know about this amazing GPS tracking technology.
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