Mobile Health

Mobile Health

A convenient health care services offered courtesy to the telecommunication technologies. Mobile health service to be a convenient healthcare service with remote facility to monitor and report.

Usually known as mhealth, mobile health is an expanding business segment. It is also the latest in terms of healthcare technologies making all sorts of good news. On the surface it can be called the practice of medical and public health, supported by mobile devices, but its real value can be adjudged only from the convenience that it grants medical societies and patients in terms of facility connect, medical counseling, monitoring and emergency services. Mobile eHealth or mHealth broadly encompasses the use of mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies as they are integrated within increasingly mobile and wireless health care delivery systems. The field broadly encompasses the use of mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies in health care delivery. While financial services were making the best of use of mobile technology, the health care could not stay behind. The automation and patient monitoring possibilities which mobiles bring to healthcare are simply phenomenal.

The usage of mobile health services as been on such a high rise that, medical associations now boast of the delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices. Mobile health has started to look like a distinct field of health when in comparison with eHealth. While there are some projects that are considered solely within the field of mobile health, the linkage between mobile health (mHealth) and eHealth is unquestionable. For example, a mobile health project that uses mobile phones to access data on HIV/AIDS rates would required an eHealth system in order to manage, store, and assess the data. Thus, eHealth projects many times operate as the backbone of mobile health projects.

Mobile connectivity and usability have been on the rise but it has not reached levels where mobile technology can be used to identify the disease or sickness. Mobile phones are primarily being used as a means to generate awareness and keep a tab on virality of diseases or their growth. Certain few applications developed for smartphones do have detection techniques wherein a rise or drop in heart beats can be identified and reported immediately to the nearest health facility. Other mobile applications are concerned wit educating the user about health safeguards in times of natural disasters like plague or epidemic.

Mobile network penetration has been found to be high in low income countries such as India, China and few other nations in Africa. Broadcasting directives from the health department to remote places, becomes a convenience in such states. Africa has benefited largely with the development of mobile banking , so development of mobile health facilities and increase in mobile health services does not seem to be an impossible to do challenge. Mobile health is for sure the future of remote health services. Its not there only for the lower income groups but also a boon for people of developed countries like South Africa and America.

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Huge boost for health care services through mobile use. Mobile health projects to monitor, report and even guide people in terms of plagues or epidemi

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