Mobile Job Search

Mobile Job Search

Increase in the lookout for work contracts and job vacancies online via mobile phones. Mobile job search trend growth, courtesy to smartphone technology and emergence of Android and iPhone.

Mobile job search is a new fad in the world of mobiles. While it may be an indication that everything online might go mobile pretty soon, it is also to be deducted that people are using mobile phones for something that is very serious in their life i.e. A Job.

The mobility revolution has brought in a lot of development in healthcare, Banking and Education system. The mobile mania now seems to even provide solutions for job search via mobiles. It has been reported that approximately 20 percent of online job searches originate from cell phones. Of all the regions in the US where people are looking for jobs using a mobile phone, Washington, D.C. had the largest percentage of mobile traffic, with 56 percent of all job seekers using a mobile device to look for jobs. The other regions were Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas.

The surge in mobile job search stems from the plethora of options to look out for work via mobile phone. For example in developing countries like India and China, one is able to receive job alerts as SMS updates from the mobile network itself. The service may not be free, but it does add to the growth in Job lookup via mobiles. African nations, which are relying heavily upon mobile networks for remote connectivity, are also in the race for mobile job search domination.

There are apps and standalone mobile sites for job search like JobMob which help you in getting the most appropriate job vacancy listing. A absurd side of the mobile job search data was that, it indicates that an Apple iPhone user does not often lookout for a job, whereas an Android phone user is always on a lookout for an opening opportunity. There is a joke doing rounds on the internet, To portray yourself job smart, its better to buy an iPhone instead of an Android based phone.

Mobile Job search trend has been on an increase even in the European nations, and Oceania which comprises of Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, etc. Job search via mobiles is growing even in Latin American nations. Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia too have shown robust growth in this segment. It seems only Middle East has remained untouched with such a change, but then again its because data is not available regarding the Arabic speaking nations.

Given the emergence of mobility in almost all crucial service sectors, it is sure to capture more authentic ground and market leadership in coming future. Mobile Job Search and Placement might become a dominant way of looking out for work in next few years.

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Mobile Job Search segment growth attributed to smartphone technology. Increase in the mobile job portals and phone apps for searching job vacancies.

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