Mobile Payment Gateway Applications and Solutions

Mobile Payment Gateway Applications and Solutions

The immediate future succession of mobile phones as commercial payment gateway applications and solutions for commerce and credit based banking and transactions. Mobile banking to get more secure and popular in future wit NFC or Bluetooth technology.

Mobiles are fast becoming the favorite gadget to access internet at leisure and the perfect gadget to access the net on the go. With better and faster networking solutions coming up, boasting a faster speed and more functionality; We can only imagine the day-to-day convenience keys which mobiles hold within themselves. With applications of mobile based technologies in almost every field, a lot many things are going to get mobile including bank systems, credit networks and commerce applications.

Mobiles these days are known as smart-phones, they are now devices capable of a lot many things which include file sharing, data access, data transfer, voice and video communications. They contain within themselves various technologies like bluetooth, gps, media capture, data processing and wireless network / internet connections. To add to this list is wireless mobile recharging. Mobiles have already functioned as micro finance agents with the advent of prepaid systems. Payments were and still are happening through a controlled credit network. There is a lot of E-money traveling around in terms of calling credits within a network or from one network to another.

Mobile phones are now being touted to replace the existing banking card systems with NFC technology. While many are not in favor of NFC being used as mobile commerce and payment gateway, a lot of people in the mobile industry believe that Bluetooth V4 would be the eminent successor for setting up proper mobile payment applications and solutions. A lot many reasons are being cited to junk the NFC system for Bluetooth V4, but only time will tell which payment gateway system will be most successful one. There however is one thing for sure i.e. mobile will be the future Payment Gateway Applications and Solutions both.

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NFC and Bluetooth technologies holding key for mobile succession as the premium payment gateway application or solution.

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