Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography

All about the timeline of photography and the emergence of mobile photography. A glimpse in the future potential of mobile camera phones owing to advancement in capability.

When we talk about mobile photography we first need to assimilate how much this segment has developed and if there is scope and productivity in its application or promotion. The following article will brief upon the advancement of mobile photography and its impending future.

Mobile photography is considerably a new field when considered with the conventional photography era. While it has just been recently that digital photography caught up with analog, the timeline for analog photography ended with the decision of mass manufacturers of photographic films to discontinue with the manufacturing process. Today the world reels under massive competition between various photography giants i.e. Kodak, Cannon, Nixon, Olympus etc starting a price war for their products. This has been the sole reason why digital photography has become reasonable for regular users.

Digital cameras were available long before the camera accessory was added in the mobile phone. Earlier versions of digital cameras were not very powerful and were highly sensitive in nature. At the same time, the pioneers of mobile technology were intrigued with the CMOS based photography and they decided to research into adding the photography capability to mobile phones. Japan was the first nation to have fixation with camera phones and it was Nokia who had early successes with camera based phones, a success of such level that by 2006 half of the cell phones in the world were camera phones. Mobile photography has since then taken a huge leap.

Today mobile phones are available with capability to click a photo with a resolution as high as 12 MegaPixel. An average photo taker would not want such a huge photo, but then there are other photography enthusiasts who worry about the same. An average mobile phone today has a standard 3.2 MP camera embedded in it, alongside a LED flash thus allowing for good Mobile Photography.

While performing Mobile photography, a photographer should consider the shaky factor. Else everything else works out fine. If you are relatively new to mobile photography then you ought to check out Camera mobile phone selection talk. That article has brief insights upon selecting the best mobile camera phone.

In due course of time mobile photography will reach new heights. Mobile photography has already been a sensation on YouTube and other video sharing portals where people around the world have uploaded their work. Mobile photography is of immense importance for photo journalists too. Any act of violence, discrimination, foolishness etc can be caught on camera and the video can be viralized through social media. Maybe in future this will become a conventional weapon in tackling crimes and corruption.

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A useful tool in not only boosting creativity but also a weapon against many social evils like crime and corruption. Mobile photography is the future of effective journalism and mo

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