Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Protect yourself from data theft or Trojan intrusion in your cell pone with mobile security. Future improved technology to provide personal data protection.

When we increase features of any device or system, we seldom end up adding loopholes and vulnerabilities to it. While the intended user of the device may not be interested in breaking it, or ruining it but certain few other miscreants sure keep a lookout for innumerable possibilities through these defects. When the computer was invented, nobody thought that there would be viruses and Trojans causing security issues for it, but these malicious softwares were created and the computer had to fight against the same through improved security and constant secure checks.

The technology giants have now been able to add considerable computing power into mobile phones, paving way for computer technology use in cellphones. Latest feature rich mobile phones are anyways called smartphones nowadays. It will not be wrong to predict that todays smartphones are only going to get more smarter tomorrow. So while the gadgets get smart, the malicious miscreants get smart too, thus there becomes a need for mobile security.

The first level of mobile security is against the unauthorized system intrusions which computer experts with malicious intentions do. The system intrusions are a well planned attack against the data security of mobile phones. The supposedly geeks try to take away private user data like telephone numbers, email ids, passwords etc from the victims mobile. The other eminent threat is about getting spied. Mobiles are the most personal ones among all the gadgets that we use in our day to day life. The breach of privacy that may happen if somebody bugs your mobile either the software way or the hardware way is simply intolerable. People can intercept calls and smses from your phone without you even getting a whiff about it.

The second level of mobile security is against the installation of spyware, adware or any other type of malware on your mobile. The unwanted Trojan or Virus may let the code author to remotely execute commands against your cell. The administrator can cause your mobile to untimely shut down, start up, send sms or make calls to premium numbers and much more. The inconvenience to the mobile user just cannot be gauged. Worst will be if somebody steals your private photo or video from your mobile device after jeopardizing data security.

Mobile Security is a pretty vast field which covers up many more aspects of security and protection for mobile phones. This is also a booming business field wherein new data security firms are joining in. McAfee, NetQin and Nortan already have solutions for mobile security. One can expect more internet security firms to join in the band wagon. It is after-all the question of protecting something that is very personal to a user.

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Solution against data theft or virus attack. Mobile Security protects against malicious programs and safeguards privacy.

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