Mobile World Events

Mobile World Events

A comprehensive listing of total number of mobile events that occur around the world. The agenda of mobile world events and venue listings for all mobility based talks.

Mobile Events are usually associated with the gathering of various mobile related industries which work in the sphere of manufacture of cutting edge technology based mobile smart phones , showcase of prowess of mobile computing and processing power, exhibition of new value added services and technological improvements, introduction of new mobility features, conglomerating to discuss and boost mobile web commerce, taking initiatives and bringing about standardization in mobile advertising and much more.

Mobile events have been happening all over the world, the most prominent ones are mobile world congress and ad:tech events. These two events are considered as the best platform for manufacturers and service providers to come together, expose and explore the possibilities of a better mobile future. The usual venues for Mobile World Congress has been Barcelona in Spain, the event rivals the technology expo held in California. Other mobile related event is ad:tech. This is the premier event wherein every other mobile advertising and publishing company wishes to be present for. It is one great event to keep a tab on the action taking place with regard to new and more targeted mobile marketing strategies across the globe.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the combination of the worlds largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent Chief Executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world. The event, initially named as GSM World Congress and later renamed as the 3GSM World Congress, is still often referred to as 3GSM or 3GSM World.

ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition. Worldwide shows blend keynote speakers, topic driven panels and workshops to provide attendees with the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing world. The current venues for ad:tech are New Delhi, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Tokyo, New York and Shanghai. The venue list has been ever expanding since the inception of ad:tech event. While it may not be the event where only mobile technology is discussed, the growth in mobile advertising segment is one of the most discussed subject there. The attendee list includes mobile advertising companies like Google, Admob (Google), InMobi, AdIquity, Smatoo, Mojiva etc.

The growth in mobile usage has been proportionately the same all over the world. Mobile usage has increased only only in developed but also in developing and under-developed countries. The growth and advancement prospectus all over the world are equally poised. Mobile events thus become crucial, it can be seen that many of the above noted events have venues set in developing countries.

Mobile technologies are still in their beginner stages, anything that is predicted for mobile future can be best considered as an approximation and never the exact postulation. Mobile has a long way to go. It is true that mobile is the future and this future can only shape through arranging of various mobile events to highlight, showcase, educate and market upon this every growing mobile industry. Most importantly mobile events will help in bring in the much needed profitability in the wireless segment. With more and better services being promised, a better future can be safely estimated from the happenings in these mobile based events.

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An introduction to various events related to mobile and mobility that occur around the world.

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