Mobile apps world series developer platform event

Mobile apps world series developer platform event

A platform event for mobile and allied apps developers, operators, marketers, app stores and more to collaborate and provide insight into the ever changing world of applications.

Apps World Series is the leading place for the apps industry participants to learn, network and collaborate on new and established projects local as well as worldwide. A key event for developers, operators, marketers, manufacturers, agencies, tech providers and app stores to connect and build partnerships for multiplatform app projects. A worldwide series of shows, Apps World events are underpinned by and exhibition allowing people to network and uncover all things apps in established and emerging markets.

Apps World Series brings together the international and regional decision makers in the apps community to debate the hot topics for every new year. Particpants of Apps World include SponsorMob (a leader in mobile affiliate marketing especially CPA offers), MobPartnet (a competitor to SponsorMob), OMD, Getjar (A mobile app portal), EA Mobile (A mobile games app industry leader), Neonplay, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Pearson, Jobsite and Turner.

It is an exciting platform to listen to speakers from highly respected mobile development and service industries like Opera Software (the creators of opera mini and opera mobile browser), PayPal (the most preferred vendor for online monetary transactions), Rovio ( Enterprise producing the infamous Angry Birds game), Reliance Communications and more.

Apps World Europe delivers a unique mix of top-level content, innovative networking, comprehensive industry exhibition and cutting-edge examination of the new technologies, markets and channels driving innovation across the apps ecosystem; TV apps, gaming apps, web and cloud apps, HTML5 and automotive industry infotainment.

Apps world basically focuses on 5 segments of the applications industry and these are:
Mobile Apps: The applications which are tailor made to meet specific needs of mobile users especially with regard to media, entertainment, information and communication. Media apps include the various players which have compatible codec to play various types of media files such as .avi, .3gp, .mp4 etc. The entertainment apps are the ones which allow for interactive play , for example games. Information and communication apps are related to the use of web as a library and communication platform. Various messaging apps like yahoo mobile messenger can be used to connect and communicate on the go.
TV apps: This is the latest emerging section for application usage. With television sets becoming smarter (courtesy to smart TV), a new kind of market has emerged for app creators. TV sets manufactured by various different manufacturers can be standardized under one platform and with the help of Apps the usability of Television can be increased many folds, the TV would not just remain an output device but it would have and input system too.
Marketing: When leaders come together, it makes an event very interesting one and thus it becomes a great platform to reach for investors or carry out publicity based actions. With the entire concentration of the mobile world on such an event, the marketability of this apps world series becomes more profitable.
Developers: The event is a great platform for developers to bring forth their demand with regard to resoning for and against a feature in new age mobile phones. Developers can also debate and bring forth the issues which bother them and make their business more sustainable.
Exhibition: A perfect place, a perfect venue, a perfect time for both i.e. the app developers and marketers to showcase their achievement, force commercial alliances and help boost the mobile industry grow. Apps World Series event is one of its kind.

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An opportunity platform for mobile applications developers, showcasers and marketers to come together and shape the future world of apps

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A very very interesting topic but,i do not know on how to stall this application to my phone.please help me?
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