Mobile network during emergency

Mobile network during emergency

The importance of availability of mobile networks during emergency times. The increasing use of mobile phone based solutions in United States of America to avoid bad weather and sought help during a health emergency.

An earthquake strikes, a typhoon tears everything apart, a tsunami charges - during such calamitous situations one would never expect the landline to work, but one would always keep hopes high from a mobile network, and why should not they ? Mobile networks have proven as life savers in numerous situations when anybody got entrapped or needed rescue efforts.

The importance of mobile phones and presence of a network is not only understood when calamity strikes but also during the times when there is accident, when you have to convey a message and do not have time enough to stay grounded on one place at a time, during travel and health failure like heart attack or medical emergencies like impending delivery by pregnant women.

These days governments and organizations have realized the importance of awareness through mobile. Updates regarding failure of a public service are made so that people do not face hardships. Even the national disaster management team utilizes mobile network connectivity in times of emergency. Non governmental organizations and other social service associations take various initiatives through mobile gateways in order to help out people in need.

People in US have begun to realize the importance of getting severe weather alerts which help them from getting stranded in bad weather. The on-going unpredictable stormy weather in United States has caused a lot of damage and a considerable human-life crisis, in such situations mobile weather apps have come to the forefront to educate and make the user aware of a change in weather or approaching of a hurricane / storm.

Irrespective of the health hazards quoted against the usage of mobile by most health organizations, there are almost infinite benefits of owning a mobile phone. Instead of blaming the mobile device for all the problems in the world, technology pioneers should rather look-out for a better alternative which would not have adverse health effects.

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Essential need of a mobile phone during various crisis like natural calamity, power failure, accident or health emergency.

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