Mobile web generates millions for web based sites

Mobile web generates millions for web based sites

Utilization of mobile advertising networks to generate millions of dollars for low paid ppc advertisements on mobility oriented sites.

Mobile advertising and mobile affiliate networks were pioneered by Admob and Bango respectively. This was around 5 to 7 years ago, however mobile sites existed from the start of 21st century itself. While the mobility revolution was not taken seriously back then, it however now has become something which large corporations cannot ignore. Mega famous sites like Facebook and Google who have been catering to the mainstream PC web have a considerable mobile user base which is consistently growing at a pace which no trend has matched. If IT pundits are to be believed, the trend will only have an upswing from here on as devices try to get at small as possible. The anticipated revolution was so big that a special TLD was set up for this reason, but it however failed to keep up to its expectations. Mobile Web still grew and continues to grow given the improvement in cellular technology and the generous affection of developing nations towards the same.

While the mobile web grew, absence of good advertising networks restricted its profitability. With almost a monopoly market, Admob flourished by selling ads at really low margins. Compared to the web standards the CPC of a mobile ad is just 1 percent or less, yet still Admob was able to make a decent profit. The success of Admob led to the formations of many advertising networks. Some even turned to be fraudulent but most did well. Today there exists numerous mobile advertising networks like admob, buzzcity, inmobi and even mobile affiliate networks like Mobpartner and OfferMobi. This competition for a market which was already low priced turned the heat on the publishers. Every mobile advertising company lowered its asking price for advertisements and this caused a huge drop in advertisements payout. This anomaly was soon discovered by web based advertisers.

Mobile Phones these days are more powered than ever before. They now go by the term SMART PHONES and their computing powers are more than even third generation computers. Their browsers are powerful enough to cater to JavaScript and flash loaded sites. Web 2.0 s capabilities are being harnessed by the mobile phones. This provides a great platform to use mobile devices in order to perform tasks such as mobile commerce, over the air downloads, wireless payouts and more. Given the low advertisement costs web based publishers have started using mobile advertising networks to generate easy money. This trend is causing mobile based publishers to earn only peanuts out of their mobile sites which consume almost the same amount of resources to run, with same hosting charges.

Utilization of mobile advertising networks to generate millions of dollars for low paid PPC advertisements on mobility oriented sites is literally killing the mobile web value. Its high time that industry experts realize about this loophole and increase the payout and advertising costs. While such a move may be very difficult to come by, its the only option left. Consideration to inflation and adaptability and universal application of mobile web, the mobile web fraternity is hoping for the best outcome. These changing trends of mobile web advertising and publishing hopefully do not go unnoticed by the industry experts out there.

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Changing trends of mobile web advertising

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