Most Wanted Phone features from Nokia in 2011

Most Wanted Phone features from Nokia in 2011

Few Expectations from Nokia in 2011 to enhance mobile user experience and provide a better product. Basic improvements from its cell phone line.

Mobile companies these days have been churning out new mobile models almost every other week. The mobile phone market has got saturated with a lot of mobiles which may or may not suffice all of a mobile user s needs. The problem here is that mobile companies (including Nokia) are playing a need probability game without keeping an average cell phone users basic requirement in mind. In a race to emulate success enjoyed by Apple iPhone, mobile phone manufacturers have joined a rat race to deliver a better and cheaper phone in the same class. As a result there is hardly any development of a unique consumer centered product.

Apple enjoyed enormous success in 2010, and its rival Nokia would definitely be keeping an eye on it to speed up development in a certain niche and beat Apple in its own game. Apart from keeping a lookout on Apple, Nokia can sure do some development on its own line of excellent cell phones which are durable and value for money. Following are few features which every mobile user would like to have incorporated in a Nokia Phone, features which have either been missing or have recently been given a royal snub by Nokia for experimentation purpose.

AutoFocus Camera:
There is hardly any Smart Phone manufactured these days which does not have a decent camera. Gone are the days when a VGA camera based mobile used to be awed at, these are the days when everybody wants to shoot crisp high definition photos. Autofocus is a feature which has become a must have in every phone. Nokia missed upon this in its C7 model, it definitely should keep Autofocus camera feature and even improve upon the quality.

Speaker Volume and Bass:
Loud mobiles are a craze in South Asia i.e. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and then even in China. Speaker volumes are found to be curbed in Nokia N8, it is a bad indication as speakers are for loud talk and should do what they are intended for. An increase in volume range would be a welcome move. Loudness may not always be a bad thing, but muteness definitely is many a times especially in mobile communication world.

Integrated Fixed Battery is BAD:
Nokia N8 and E7 have fixed internal batteries for space saving reasons. Such a space centric construction maybe great for rarely used over stuffed vanity gadgets but not for mobile phones which also happen to be lifelines for emergency situations. The ability to switch batteries will be a better decision as fixed batteries would force the end user to carry a separate emergency only mobile phone.

Portable Media Storage:
Nokia introduced HotSwap technology through NgageQD, since then it has remained a convenience technology, N95 was the first Nokia mobile device to have a fixed hard drive for storage of data, but such a change was not all endearing one. People like to swap memory cards, Nokia should not stick to only fixed flash card memory storage. Even while the fixed internal flash memory maybe 16 GB, its still very restricting.

Camera Glass Protection:
Nobody likes finger prints and dust distortions showing up in photos, which is all courtesy to unprotected Camera Glass. While Nokia N86 had a slider cover to protect the camera, this feature has been missing in Nokia N8 and all newer mobile phones. Its a must have feature, even if its just a mechanical slider, its worth being there on the phone camera.

Hopefully Nokia will work upon these recommendations and work out a better product which will function according to what users demand and like.

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Expectations from Nokia in 2011

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