New Features of Windows 7 Mobile Operating System

New Features of Windows 7 Mobile Operating System

Talk about new features, usability and productivity of newly launched windows 7 mobile operating system. All the latest offering from Microsoft in its mobile segment.

Microsoft has finally released their new Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile devices, and a lot of people are excited about its future. They have put a lot of money into the development of this completely new OS, and even more money went for advertising it on the Web and in TV Shows and commercials.

While we don’t know how it will perform in the future, we do know that Windows Phone 7 is a good competitor at the moment. If Microsoft fixes all the bugs and adds the features that many people want (like encryption and Flash inside the browser, oh and a better browser, too), then it could stay on the market for a long time.

So what new features does this new operating system bring to the users?
To start with, the most obvious change from Windows Mobile and just about every other mobile OS out there is the user interface. It is so unique, yet simple to use that it can easily rival the iPhone and Android operating systems. The apps marketplace for WP7 has also dramatically improved from the old one. It reminds more of the Android and iTunes marketplaces, with good search, descriptions, quality control before listing an app, the ability to buy it quickly, and other must have features. Now it is actually pleasant to scroll through the apps, download and install them.

On the inside, Windows Phone 7 has also been completely revamped and improved. The music and video app is actually the whole Zune HD software inside WP7, which is great (Zune HD is pretty damn good at playing media files), and the OS supports DirectX 9 and Shader Model 3, which, coupled with the Xbox gaming engine, makes the games look pretty amazing. Currently, only Windows Phone 7 is capable of playing games with even higher quality graphics and sound than the iPhone 4 (of course, the phone must have a good GPU, but that’s no problem, since Microsoft imposes a certain minimum set of hardware, and manufacturers have to comply with it if they want to install the OS).

Of course, Windows Phone 7 can very easily be synced with the desktop Windows 7, but unfortunately, Mac users can’t use a WP7 smartphone with their computer (which is a bit weird, since a lot of the users that Microsoft is targeting with their new OS are using Macs rather than Windows PCs).

On the downside, Microsoft has really made a mistake by omitting a few very important features, at least from the first release. If they don’t fix it soon, it will definitely impact their sales. The first issue is the lack of encryption on the phone. Coming from the company that had the most secure mobile OS in eh past, this is quite unsettling. You can’t protect your data, and more importantly, you can’t connect to secure servers (like your company’s Exchange mail server). The second issue is the lack of multitasking, which is a step backwards when even the iPhone has got it. Then there’s the multiple bugs and crashes that occur in a lot of apps, but that will definitely be fixed with patches.

In conclusion, it really isn’t worth buying a Windows Phone 7 device right now. Not unless you want to be one of the early adopters. Waiting a few months or a year is the best decision, until the OS matures (or dies). Microsoft seems to be really bent on succeeding, and many believe they can, just like they did with the Xbox.

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New Features of Windows 7 Mobile Operating System

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