Online dating pitfalls

Online dating pitfalls

Reasons why online dating is not good for you. Shortcoming and drawbacks of online dating for the social web public.

Online dating is so very casual these days that there are hardly any sites left that are specifically dedicated to it. Online dating used to be a specific niche in social networking until MySpace started gaining upon the market. Soon teh success of MySpace was replicated with social networks such as Hi5, Orkut and now currently trending Facebook. It remains apparent that those who communicate with each other eventually generate a liking towards each other. Ultimately getting attracted to each.

Online dating is not a new word, it has been around since ages, the only things that has changed overtime is the age at which people used to resort to online dating. When Internet was unconventional, only those folks who had the knowledge of using computers and who were in their late 20s or so used to resort to social networking. Over a period of time, this age group of social networking and dating has expanded from 10 year olds to 60 year olds. In fact there have been websites set up specifically for those internet denizens who are above the age of 50.

Internet is vast, it is a composition of major amount of knowledge throughout the world. While Internet has innumerable benefits, it also has drawbacks of its own. Majorly these drawbacks become lethal ones when combines with the trending phenomenon of Online dating. Internet is a place where one can learn to do almost anything. Recent cases involving crime have had Internet as their primary source of information. It is one thing to have Internet as a resource for information and completely another thing to have it as a medium to inflict damage either mentally or physically. Social networking and online dating serve as the perfect medium to inflict both type of damages.

Real life has so many instances wherein one person dupes another. Compared to reality its more easier for people to fake online. In online dating there is hardly any traceability of a person unless the person himself divulges all necessary information. A researcher from MIT Dr. Henry Dickens quotes Its easy to manipulate human mind in a direct way and more easier to manipulate it in a controlled state. Simply put, online dating is the easiest platform to manipulate people or take advantage of them. Hence beware of online social dating. Stay anonymous and stay happy. Do not get paranoid after reading this, rather enoy your online dating time, just ensure that you are not revealing tooo many details about you, especially do not reveal your address, credit card number or any such details that is relevant to your finances.

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A guide that will enlist all drawbacks of online dating

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